“Woke” leftists in America were salivating at the possibilities after these disturbing raids

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Joe Biden’s Department of Justice has been weaponized in unprecedented ways.

The FBI still has to work within the parameters of the Constitution.

But “woke” leftists in America were salivating at the possibilities after these disturbing raids.

As bad as the deep state has gotten in America, government overreach is even worse in countries that do not have a robust Bill of Rights.

But radical leftists are not bashful about wanting to do away with the Constitution.

Attacks on free speech

Left-wing publications have offered many think pieces on why the document is outdated and needs to be reimagined.

Frequent MSNBC Contributor and Legal Analyst Elie Mystal even called the Constitution “trash.”

And Western governments in Europe, Canada, and Australia have given American leftists a blueprint for what they could do in the United States.

For instance, Germany recently executed raids to combat online misogyny.

The Associated Press reported that German police officers “raided homes and interrogated 45 suspects in 11 states early Thursday…Another 37 suspects were already searched and interrogated in previous weeks and months.”

The raids were coordinated one day before International Women’s Day as part of a strategy to combat “misogyny on the internet.”

Holger Muench, head of Germany’s Federal Criminal Police Office, commented, “We are observing how online platforms are increasingly becoming the scene of hate, harassment and discrimination, also targeting especially women…Today’s day of action makes it clear: we consciously go into the spaces of hate, identify acts and perpetrators, take them out of anonymity, and bring them to accountability.”

While making nasty comments is distasteful, such speech codes are incredibly dangerous.

Threats and incitement of violence are not the same as “sweeping slurs against women,” which can be charged under that umbrella in Germany, per the AP.

Dangerous state power

The state can use that opening to expand the definition of hate and incitement in order to crack down on speech.

Americans saw a form of it during COVID, but raids for online speech are far worse.

Perhaps the scariest part was that the raids were not based on targeted harassment or complaints from women.

The police simply trawled social media for objectionable posts.

German Interior Minister Nancy Faeser said, “We need very clear signs of a stop here. Misogynistic hate crime must lead to charges and convictions, and word should get around.”

American leftists are doing their best to bring such speech codes to the states.

They argue that speech is violence, but, ironically, violence is not violence so long as the perpetrator is left-wing and the target is deemed right-wing.

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