Twitter banned one account for a reason that will make you pull out your hair

Big Tech censorship gets worse with every passing day.

Anyone who opposes the establishment will eventually get booted for an arbitrary reason.

And Twitter banned one account for a reason that will make you pull out your hair.

The Twitter account Journalists Posting Their Ls has been kicked off the platform.

The account simply tweeted screencaps of journalists saying something cringeworthy, or admitting a mistake.

And now it’s gone.

Twitter nuked the channel, allegedly due to absurd claims of harassment.

A 21-year-old journalist named Deanna Schwartz wrote an op-ed blaming the pandemic for not having kissed anyone, and the account Journalists Posting Their Ls got banned for retweeting Schwartz’s own op-ed without any added commentary.

It’s ridiculous that journalists have somehow become a protected class.

The humorous Journalists Posting Their Ls account didn’t dox anyone or reveal personal information.

Retweeting an op-ed should not count as “targeted harassment.”

Also, it’s preposterous to blame an account for harassment when the article was put out in the ether by the journalist.

And Schwartz did not get published in a small publication with no reach – Lily News is a project of The Washington Post.

The Lily recently had a ridiculous series defending the neo-Marxist ideology of Critical Race Theory.

Mean comments on Twitter are unpleasant, but unfortunately that comes with the territory of social media.

In the case of Journalists Posting Their Ls, the person running the account didn’t even say anything mean.

Twitter was likely itching for a reason to get rid of the account because it made the corporate press’ foot soldiers look bad.

Tweeting “learn to code” amid mass layoffs at digital media companies was grounds for suspension.

Yet it was these same journalists tweeting “learn to code” without punishment when blue-collar factory workers were beset by manufacturing jobs being off-shored.

Perhaps Donald Trump’s greatest “crime” was hammering away at the corporate-controlled press.

The press gives the establishment legitimacy, and Trump exposed just how corrupt the institution has become.

Stay tuned to Unmuzzled News for any updates to this ongoing story.

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