Tucker Carlson posted a brutal reality check after another RINO-assisted betrayal from Washington, D.C.

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Tucker Carlson was let go by Fox News, despite having the top-rated show on cable.

He was unwilling to go along with the establishment narrative.

And Carlson posted a brutal reality check after another RINO-assisted betrayal in Washington, D.C.

Among Joe Biden’s failures as commander in chief, his handling of the southern border crisis sits at the top of the list.

Illegal immigration into the country has reached record highs on Biden’s watch.

Not only is Biden refusing to solve the problem, he is intentionally making it worse.

Republicans in Congress have threatened to impeach Department of Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas for not enforcing immigration law.

And the Biden Administration is actively fighting Texas over the state’s right to defend its borders.

Governor Greg Abbott ordered border barriers along the Rio Grande to deter illegal immigration, and the Biden Administration went to court to take it down.

The Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals eventually sided with Texas, but a 5-4 Supreme Court decision reversed the lower court’s order and stated that the Biden Administration could remove the border barrier.

Roberts and ACB put Tucker over the edge

Chief Justice John Roberts and Amy Coney Barrett voted with the liberals, creating a showdown between Abbott and the Biden Administration.

In light of the Supreme Court ruling, Tucker Carlson was furious.

He has been calling out the effects of unfettered illegal immigration into the country for years.

In a fit of pique, Carlson wrote on Twitter, “So it’s unanimous: everyone in power, from the White House, to the hedge fund managers, to the Supreme Court of the United States has decided to destroy the country by allowing it to be invaded. That leaves the population to defend itself. Where are the men of Texas? Why aren’t they protecting their state and the nation?

The Biden Administration’s actions make zero sense from the perspective of what’s good for the country.

The establishment of both parties likes illegal immigration, and leftists are eager to import ever-higher numbers because they’ll likely give the Democrat Party more seats in Congress. 

The Census game

Even if illegal aliens never vote – which is actually still illegal almost everywhere – they’re nevertheless counted in the Census, which is used for reapportioning the number of seats in Congress every ten years.

Of course, mail-in voting and relaxed voter Identification rules still have many American citizens worried.

And should the latest wave of illegal aliens become legally eligible to vote, research suggests foreign-born citizens and their children tend to vote Democrat 80% of the time.

That percentage evens out over successive generations, but the Left do not want to stop the flow of immigration to allow for assimilation to take place.

In fact, radical leftists actively oppose assimilation.

More and more Americans say the current immigration situation is completely untenable.

While the Democrats and their media allies try to frame the issue around race, Americans of all shades are frustrated with the current levels of immigration.

A black resident on the Southside of Chicago said during a community meeting, “Politically, having over 500 people in our community will completely wipe out any interests we have. Are you aware that there are immigrant advocates at statehouses all over this country who are advocating for noncitizens voting in local elections? What if that happened here? That would change the mindset of what we as a black community need to thrive here in Chicago. That’s a concern of ours. This is much bigger than the mayor of Chicago, or the Chicago police department. This is an effort to destroy our neighborhoods and silence our voices even further.”

At a separate community event in Chicago, people in the neighborhood were furious over migrant crime taking place.

Another black resident told city officials, “Let me say this – they’ve got one more time to deal with it, because otherwise, next time they deal with it, they’re going to deal with it from the streets. We’re going to take over…Nobody is going to be able to stop us from what we’re going to do to them.”

Biden is creating a powder keg with his insane border policies. 

Stay tuned to Unmuzzled News for any updates to this ongoing story.

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