Tucker Carlson just exposed the Democrat Party’s big secret and Biden is furious

No institution today is more corrupt than the Democrat Party.

They are trying to destroy the country, right out in the open.

But Tucker Carlson just exposed their big secret and Joe Biden is furious.

Democrats aren’t afraid to tout their America-destroying agenda for the world.

Joe Biden and his top allies regularly go on TV to scream about how they are going to force schemes we can’t afford, violate the Constitution, and are extremely unpopular by the general population.

But as Tucker Carlson explains, they don’t really care about what Americans think about their agenda.

That’s because they simply plan to replace those voters with obedient political puppets from foreign countries.

After failing as horribly as he did in Afghanistan, there is no way Joe Biden should be able to retain power.

But if he imports hundreds of thousands, even millions, of Afghan refugees into the country and places them in Democrat swing districts, the voices of the Republicans in that district don’t really matter anymore.

Carlson explained, “In a truly democratic system, in a functioning democracy, the people who wrecked Afghanistan and humiliated the United States and sapped American power maybe forever would be punished badly in the midterms. They would lose power over this. They’d be held accountable. And they know that, so they’re doing everything they can to avoid accountability, to avoid an election they will lose.”

He continued on, stating, “They are flooding swing districts with refugees they know will become loyal Democratic Party voters. They’re opening the southern border to more than two hundred thousand illegal migrants per month. That’s the equivalent of nearly two Afghan airlifts every 30 days.”

Carlson also explains that they are using the coronavirus to change how people actually vote, in order to favor their party: “And above all, they are using COVID to change how we vote. These are the tools they are using to maintain power and maintaining power, let’s be completely clear and never forget, has always been and always will be their only goal.”

If ballots are sent to every adult, with no verification needed to mail it in, it has proven to support Democrats who can simply harvest huge amounts of ballots from inner cities to win.

This is the game-plan for the Democrat Party, and how Joe Biden hopes to retain power after such an abysmal disaster in Afghanistan.

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