Trump’s 2024 running mate pick will send Democrats into a fit of rage

All signs are pointing toward Donald Trump running in 2024. 

While he hasn’t announced yet, he has heavily suggested he will. 

And Trump just all-but confirmed it by announcing a 2024 running mate that will send Democrats into a fit of rage. 

Since leaving the White House following the train wreck that was the 2020 election, Trump has been laying low. 

He has been banned from every Big Tech social media platform, and has instead been forced to spread his message through statements from his official office.

But just because he has been quieter than usual doesn’t mean he’s going away.

From his home, Trump has been planning with some of the biggest figures in Republican politics today.

He has publicly been stating that he is planning to oppose anti-Trump Republicans in upcoming races across the country.

But there have been signs that he is also planning on jumping back into politics with a 2024 Presidential run against Joe Biden, if Biden can survive that long.

Speaking to Dan Bongino he was recently asked about a 2024 run, and responded by telling the radio host, “Well, I’ll tell you what. We are going to make you very happy, and we’re going to do what’s right.”

This is about as close as somebody can get to announcing a run without flat-out saying it.

But he isn’t done, and just this week, Trump revealed who he is considering as his running mate in a potential run.

Speaking to Fox News host Stuart Varney, the former President responded to a question about considering Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis as a running mate. 

“Sure I would, but, you know, there are numerous people that are great,” Trump replied. “I would certainly consider Ron.”

Trump went on to praise DeSantis for his work as governor in Florida, where Trump now presides. 

“I was at the beginning of Ron, I was the first one to endorse him when he came out as a congressman that a lot of people didn’t know, and my endorsement helped him tremendously, and I know him very well,” Trump said. “He’s a great guy. We have other great people. I mean, you look at some of . . . the Republican people that have done a great job with states, and you don’t see that with the Democrats. I mean, they kept their states closed and locked down, and the schools are closed. It’s just absolutely outrageous how they get away with it.”

Next to Trump, polls are showing that DeSantis is the top pick for President among Republicans at this time. 

DeSantis has made a name for himself by standing up to the Left’s tyrannical COVID restrictions in his state, which has many conservatives believing he will stand up to the Left in Washington, D.C. if elected. 

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