Trump made a huge announcement that has Big Tech deeply worried

The Democrat Media Complex conspired to put a digital hit on Donald Trump.

Every single major social media platform banned him simultaneously.

But Trump made a huge announcement that has big tech deeply worried.

Democrats and their allies in the Fake News Media and Big Tech used the Capitol Hill riot as a pretext to censor Donald Trump from every major platform.

But Trump is fighting back by launching his own social media network.

Trump adviser Jason Miller dropped that bombshell on Fox News with Howard Kurtz.

The corporate-controlled press has suffered a massive ratings drop without Trump around as the whipping post that allowed them to fabricate a news cycle around his tweets.

With Trump gone, the so-called “mainstream” media have been in search of a new villain, but none of the stand-ins have been adequate, and some left-wing journalists even admitted they missed covering Trump.

If Trump’s platform launch is successful, he will undoubtedly draw a lot of attention because the journalists will be forced to join the platform in order to cover his comments.

Apple and Google will be faced with a serious decision of whether or not to allow his upcoming app on their platforms.

Both tech behemoths barred Twitter competitor Parler from using their services for purely political reasons, and Amazon pulled their server usage for the same reason.

But the decision tree isn’t as easy for Trump’s imminent network because he’s newsworthy and he generates a lot of eyeballs.

Also, the narrative that he spreads “hate” and “disinformation” just doesn’t hold water.

Trump saved the Fake News Media once by running for President.

He might do it again with his own site, much to the dismay of his harshest critics.

The Biden administration has been in the hot seat for roughly two months, and it’s already been a disaster.

Trump’s policies, particularly on immigration, are beginning to look a lot better for Americans who were suckered into believing lies from the corporate-controlled press.

Trump’s message will have a lot more resonance now.

Stay tuned to Unmuzzled News for any updates to this ongoing story.

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