Tim Allen made climate extremists lose their minds after this happened

We all know that the Left can’t stand Donald Trump.

But outspoken and proud American Tim Allen is right up there too as someone who makes leftists go insane. 

And Tim Allen made climate extremists lose their minds after this happened.

It’s without a doubt that leftists and the Woke mob can’t stand hard working Americans who care about this nation. 

But some people like Donald Trump just take the level of depravity for a leftist to a totally different level. 

And that’s one of the reasons why his supporters adore him. 

But the same can be said for Tim Allen.  

Tim isn’t as bombastic as Trump but he still pisses off leftists without even trying. 

Being one of the only mainstream conservative actors left in Hollywood is enough to drive most of the woke mob insane. 

But when he entertains audiences he still takes every chance he can to take jabs at the Left. 


And now we can add something else to the list that Tim Allen has done that made leftists lose their minds. 

We all knew that Tim Allen was a big car guy with his countless classics sitting in his garage. 

Well come to find out, Tim even has a yacht.

And his yacht reportedly leaked gallons of diesel last weekend in Lake Michigan.

The leak wasn’t intentional of course.  Nor is Allen at fault as the leak stemmed from a faulty gasket.

According to the Detroit Free Press, the local Fire Chief told the Traverse City Record-Eagle that “the leak resulted from a fuel filter issue with the yacht. This led fuel to spill into the yacht’s engine compartment, and when there was too much fuel, the bilge pump dumped it into the marina.”

The thirty gallons of lost diesel was enough to cause havoc locally. 

The marina near Traverse City was closed along with local beaches after the leak. 

And things were so bad that the U.S. Coast Guard were called in to monitor the clean up.

You can just imagine the level of trigger warnings it would take to calm a leftists down with Tim causing a global alarmists nightmare. 

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