This one Epstein trial meme just sent alarms blaring at Zuckerberg’s Facebook

Epstein plotter Ghislaine Maxwell’s trial just began and the elites are nervous over what could come to light.

The D.C. Swamp, Hollywood and Big Tech figures are all hellbent on keeping the lid closed tight on the facts.

And this one Epstein trial meme just sent alarms blaring at Zuckerberg’s Facebook.

Mark Zuckerberg’s “context” police are back at it—and you have to wonder why covering up anything having to do with a disgusting pedophile is such a big priority. 

But, apparently, almost any Conservative opinion is now flagged as “fake news” in a world controlled by leftist Big Tech companies. 

You won’t believe who they’re protecting this time. 

As Kyle Rittenhouse’s trial dominated the 24/7 news cycle, someone put together a meme pointing out that there’s something much more important brewing than the fact that a Wisconsin teen used a firearm to lawfully defend himself during a riot. 

The meme was headlined “The Distraction” with a picture of Kyle Rittenhouse at his trial below. 

The text read: “The Kyle Rittenhouse trial was streamed live for the world to see. Media pushing more division. Cities expecting possible rioting with the verdict. Tons of media coverage.” 

Most of the second picture, essentially the meme’s punchline, was neatly covered by that oh, so, familiar Facebook “missing context” warning begging us to click a link to find out why the conservative post is patently wrong. 

Who do you suppose is hidden under Facebook’s pop-up? Pedophile Jeffrey Epstein’s old sidekick Ghislaine Maxwell. 

Those who bother to click to find out what Facebook doesn’t want us to see were able to see that @showthesheeple is justifiably concerned that Rittenhouse’s trial was a live broadcasted dog and pony show while Maxwell is the “only accomplice of Jeffrey Epstein and a Global Human Sex Trafficking Ring; and yet all the public gets…is a sketch.”

Should you choose to torture yourself by clicking on the button to try to understand why Facebook doesn’t want you to read anything interesting that your friends share, you’ll find out that their pop-up cover up was there to keep you from thinking there’s an elaborate international Epstein case coverup conspiracy. 

(Of, course, that never crossed our minds. Every super wealthy, slightly creepy guy in the world just happened to be involved.)

According to Facebook’s fact police, the opinion that Maxwell should get the same coverage as Rittenhouse is invalid because cameras aren’t allowed in most federal courts. 

Naturally, Facebook’s anointed fact checking website used an “award-winning journalist” to make that incredible leap of logic. 

Oh, and while members of the media were spinning fairy tales about how Kyle Rittenhouse is a white supremacist, what do you suppose hard-hitting journalists were covering during Maxwell’s jury selection process? 

Reuters is apparently concerned about how well the darling socialite is being treated behind bars with the first line of their story reading, “When Ghislaine Maxwell leaves Manhattan federal court at the end of each day of her upcoming sex abuse trial, the British socialite will return to a Brooklyn jail cell that she says is plagued by vermin and the scent of raw sewage.” 

The story then goes on to complain about how she’s been kept in solitary confinement.

We can only guess that is a measure taken to make sure she survives life in jail long enough to go on trial. 

After all, inmate justice isn’t well-known for taking into account the delicate nature and sensibilities of a crooked heiress.

Neither are wealthy elites with something to hide.

Stay tuned to Unmuzzled News for any updates to this ongoing story.

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