This leading science schools’ professors are stomping mad and the ultimatum they just issued has leftists worried sick

Societal and political plagues infest the country.

Much of it began on American college campuses.

But a leading science schools’ professors are stomping mad and the ultimatum they just issued has leftists worried sick.

“The Woke Mob” and its anti-free speech attitudes grew into a monstrosity on college campuses.

Countless Conversative or Liberty-minded speakers have been banned, shouted down, and even assaulted when attempting to give lectures at universities.

But it could be starting to reverse. 

Faculty members at MIT, the nation’s leading science and technology school are fed up with their academic research being stifled because of wokeness.

From Breitbart:

Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) community members have formed the MIT Free Speech Alliance and are advocating for the adoption of stronger academic freedom protections after a secret ballot among the school’s faculty members revealed that more than half of them feel their voices are constrained by the university on an “everyday basis”…

Additionally, two MIT alumni, Tom Hafer and Henry I. Miller, have written a letter to the school stating that they will stop donating to the institute for caving to “woke” ideology.

The moves come after MIT kowtowed to a woke left-wing mob’s demands that the school cancel a lecture by University of Chicago Geophysicist Dorian Abbot after he wrote an op-ed supporting “merit-based evaluations.”

The Free Speech Alliance issued a press release to the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education (FIRE), an actual nonpartisan civil liberties group that has not been co-opted by the Left like other groups.

For example, the ACLU clearly does not believe in free speech for individuals who are “transphobic” or hold other views that radical progressives find unacceptable.

According to FIRE:

How do MIT’s students reconcile the institute’s conflicting commitments to freedom of expression and freedom from expression? FIRE’s College Free Speech Rankings once again offers some dismal answers. Three quarters (75%) of MIT students believe shouting down a speaker is acceptable to some degree; more than half (51%) believe blocking other students from attending a campus speech is acceptable to some degree; and a quarter (25%) believe using violence to stop a campus speech is acceptable to some degree. Clearly, MIT students would benefit from education on the First Amendment.

MIT is one of many elite universities that has been captured by the “woke” Left.

This phenomenon is the culmination of decades of leftist infiltration and indoctrination in universities.

The likelihood of universities being reformed is approaching nil, but it’s good to see faculty members finally fighting back.

The only way radical wokeness goes away is if more begin to speak out against it persistently.

Stay tuned to Unmuzzled News for any updates to this ongoing story.

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