This George Soros lieutenant’s revenge against one patriotic American official will leave you fuming

Leftists’ pursuit of power knows no limits.

They’ll do almost anything to the few brave souls who stick their necks out to stop the Left’s massive perversion of the American Republic.

And this George Soros lieutenant’s revenge against one patriotic American official will leave you fuming.

Los Angeles deputy prosecutor Jason Lustig is alleging he got sent to the LA District Attorney Office’s version of hell for speaking out against his crazy leftist boss.

Deputy DA alleges his Soros-backed boss is out for revenge

Listig’s boss is George Soros-backed Los Angeles District Attorney George Gascon, who is among the worst of the worst when it comes to enabling criminals to get away with almost anything. 

Gascon’s woke policies are so awful, he actually allowed a male child rapist—who literally grabbed young girls twice in public settings to rape them—to get away with a slap on the wrist after identifying as a woman. 

Not only did the criminal’s scheme to use the trans agenda to his advantage work—he was also sent to serve his brief sentence in a women’s prison where he has access to rape even more women. 

Unfortunately, a massive push to get Gascon recalled failed in the city where common sense has been replaced by “woke ideology.”

Now deputy prosecutors who spoke out against their pro-crime boss are paying the price. 

Among them, Lustig says he’s experienced the equivalent of a 28-year setback in his career. 

“This past Thursday, I was informed, without any prior notice, that I was being transferred from my current position as the assistant head deputy district attorney in the Long Beach courthouse to be a non-supervisory trial deputy at the downtown Los Angeles courthouse,” Lustig told Fox News host Julie Banderas. “My commute went from seven miles one way to 30 miles one way.”

In addition to being sentenced to a long commute in the traffic jam Mecca of the United States—a city with the nation’s highest gas prices to boot— Lustig says both his title and his status as a supervisor have been stripped away.

“Basically, he’s knocked me down all those rungs to where I was in 1994,” he said, pointing out that his new role is at the exact same level as one he held decades ago.

But the longtime prosecutor says he isn’t backing down as Gascon continues to release murderers back into the streets of communities he’s supposed to be protecting. 

“I couldn’t remain silent anymore. I needed to exercise my First Amendment right and inform the public of what was going on,” Lustig added, “I’m not backing down.” 

Many horrified and victimized by Gascon

Lustig isn’t the only employee horrified by Gascon’s abysmal performance.

Back in August deputy prosecutor Jon Hatami told Fox News Digital that Gascon is creating ticking time bombs in Los Angeles county—and setting the stage for completely preventable murders. 

“When you release dangerous criminals who are murderers at the age of 25, when you don’t present any evidence to a judge, when you don’t consider if this individual was dangerous while in prison, and you just released this individual. Yeah, that that becomes a ticking time bomb,” Hatami said. “And at a certain point, that person is going to victimize somebody else. And so George Gascón should really think about that.”

Hatami is currently suing Gascon for work hindering his career in retaliation for speaking out in favor of the recall election and it’s likely Lustig will follow suit.

Whether both will be forced to sacrifice their careers to fight Gascon remains to be seen, but it is a very real possibility. 

Ironically, if any normal person went as far out of their way to help criminals as Gascon does, they’d likely be charged with aiding and abetting both rapists and murderers. 

But don’t dare point that out or you could have a George Soros lackey turning your life upside down.

Stay tuned to Unmuzzled News for any updates to this ongoing story. 

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