This former climate change activist just skewered Biden, AOC and Big Tech for nonsense behind skyrocketing gas

Democrats want you pushing Flintstone’s-style foot-powered vehicles to protect everyone from so-called “climate change.”

But that has little to do with why they’re really trying to destroy the American way of life. 

And this former climate change activist just skewered Biden, AOC and Big Tech for the nonsense behind skyrocketing gas.

Big Tech has been in bed with the enviro-terrorists for awhile now, pushing Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and the Democrats’ so-called “Green New Deal,” with Facebook and other tech companies going so far as to silence inconvenient facts about climate change.

However, there is little to no evidence the solutions any of them call for would have much impact at all to combat so-called “climate change.”

But that’s not what any of it is about.

In an op-ed for The New York Post, former climate activist, turned pragmatist, Bjorn Lomborg highlights Big Tech’s latest round of Cancel Culture. 

“The online world has become a free-speech battleground,” Lomborg wrote. “Tech platforms have sided with illiberal regimes to censor posts while flagging ‘misinformation’ in free countries. We all share a legitimate interest in avoiding outright falsehoods, but much censorship today — whether at dictators’ behest or in the name of eradicating ‘misinformation’ — ultimately is about restricting discourse to a narrow corridor of the politically acceptable. That makes it harder to identify smart policies.”

While monitoring global discussion regarding global warming, or global cooling Facebook uses “third-party fact-checkers.”

However, the term is deceiving. 

The discovery phase of a recent lawsuit reveals Facebook’s vice president admitted their annoying “fact-check” tags are actually opinion, not factual assertions.

“Here’s something Facebook’s censors deemed unacceptable: I wrote a comment using the latest peer-reviewed research from the medical journal Lancet on deaths caused by heat and cold,” Lomborg wrote. “The paper is the first to show that globally, every year, half a million people die because temperatures are too hot, while 4.5 million people die because it is too cold. In other words, nine times more people die from the cold than the heat.”

Facebook’s supposed “fact-checkers” flagged the climate expert’s post, despite it being heavily researched and full of undisputed facts. 

But it didn’t fit the enviro-terrorists narrative. 

The point the man behind the documentary Cool It was making in his post was that if there is a little warming going on, it could be a net benefit to the planet and mankind. 

“It rather seems that the facts are muzzled because they don’t fit into activist-approved talking points, which frame climate change as an overwhelming, always-worsening crisis everywhere, with no exceptions,” Lomborg says. “By labeling this evidence “misinformation,” Facebook suppresses crucial facts that could help us identify the best policies to reduce future heat and cold deaths while reining in global warming effectively — which surely should be the goal,” he continued.

This is far from the first time one of the world’s leading experts on climate has been censored by Big Tech – in fact, it’s a regular occurrence. 

Bjorn closes his op-ed pointing out Al Gore was wrong about what the real inconvenient truths are. 

“Consistently silencing inconvenient truths leaves us all less well-informed and risks us walking blindly into spending a fortune without sorely needed perspective,” Lomborg concluded. 

Something to think about the next time some politician says oh, it’s just a few more cents for gas at the pump to save the environment.

Stay tuned to Unmuzzled News for any updates to this ongoing story.

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