This Bill Gates lieutenant just leaked jaw-dropping plans his boss has teed up

Photo by World Economic Forum from Cologny, Switzerland, CC BY-SA 2.0, via Wikimedia

Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates has always been a magnet for controversy on a number of issues. 

Now some are insisting his plans to seize control are only getting started. 

And this Bill Gates lieutenant just leaked jaw-dropping plans his boss has teed up.

With Election Day looming, Big Tech has placed an emphasis on facilitating censorship 

Many experts agree that this year will be one of the busiest election years in human history, with voters all around the globe flocking to the polls. 

America’s Presidential Election is undoubtedly the most high-profile election, and as of now, a Donald Trump vs. Joe Biden rematch seems inevitable. 

The very legitimate possibility of a second term of Donald Trump has many leftists pulling their hair out, including the many leftists within the highest ranks of Big Tech companies. 

Pursuing so-called “misinformation prevention” has become one of the Left’s leading tactics to subvert Trump.

In a recent interview with NBC’s Lester Holt on NBC Nightly News’ January 30 edition, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella outlined Microsoft’s plans to assist in so-called “misinformation prevention” this year. 

Per Nadella, “This is not the first election where we dealt with disinformation or propaganda campaigns by adversaries and election interference.” 

He added, “We’re doing all the work across the tech industry around watermarking, detecting deep fakes and content IDs. There is going to be enough and more technology quite frankly in order to be able to identify the issues around disinformation and misinformation.”

Meanwhile, Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates has echoed these concerns, while voicing his concerns for the upcoming election cycle. 

In an open letter released towards the end of the year, Bill Gates claimed that AI and other forces could impact the election and distract voters from what he deems as most important. 

Per Bill Gates, “If I could make one wish for all the people headed to the polls next year — no matter where they live — it would be for them to consider electing leaders who understand the importance of investing in human development around the world.”

He added, “History has proven time and time again that, when governments choose to engage with and help people outside their borders, the entire world benefits.”

Bill Gates and his Big Tech allies will do anything to give Democrats the advantage

As Bill Gates outlined in his open letter, facilitating open borders, along with other radical far-left policy initiatives, is among his top priorities. 

As detailed by his Microsoft colleagues, preventing so-called “misinformation” is a crucial step towards achieving these policy aims. 

So-called misinformation prevention has often revealed itself as nothing more than censorship, which Joe Biden and his cronies in Washington have been caught red-handed employing. 

Many experts warn that Joe Biden and Big Tech companies are likely to amp up their so-called “misinformation prevention” efforts with Election Day looming. 

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