This Biden enemy got blindsided after he humiliated Disney with just two words

Joe Biden and his woke cronies are crumbling under pressure.

They cannot handle the constant denouncements of their terrible agenda.

And this Biden enemy got blindsided after he humiliated Disney with just two words.

Conservative commentator Jack Posobiec uses his Twitter account with 1.7 million followers to great effect against the Left. 

He consistently needles the Biden administration, Democrats and their woke corporate cronies at every turn.

Now, it seems that’s why his Twitter account was recently suspended for no good reason at all.

Posobiec was temporarily locked out of his account for calling Disney “groomers” – indicating the company seeks to groom children for abuse – for peddling the nonsensical “Don’t Say Gay” slander of Florida’s new Parental Rights in Education law.

Posobiec got the hashtag “Disney Groomer” trending on the platform, much to the exasperation of the Left.

His account was suspended for allegedly promoting violence because he linked to a shirt critical of Disney.


The shirts were created by a company called Bring Ammo, which was interpreted by leftists as a call for violence.

The Daily Beast was even forced to retract a hit piece about Posobiec that stated he was promoting violence.

The effective use of the term groomer is an example of the Right finally engaging in the culture war.

Like clockwork, establishment RINOs and Never-Trumpers showed up to police conservatives for playing as tough as the Left by using the term.

Daily Wire host Andrew Klavan eviscerated the mild-mannered right-wingers who refuse to fight the culture war, exclaiming, “[W]e have spent so long worried about whether we’re going to look dishonorable or we’re gonna look mean…or we’re not boxing by the Marquess of Queensberry rules while these guys are in a knife fight…I don’t believe that because they do horrible things, we should do horrible things. But they fight tough and smart, and we should fight tough and smart……It is just appalling that [RINOs] don’t want to let people who understand the culture better than they ever have fight the culture wars in a cultural way, because this is how culture wars are won. They’re won with language.”

Attacking leftist radicals as groomers has gotten under their skin but sadly — and weirdly— RINOs and Never-Trumpers say that’s not okay.

Stay tuned to Unmuzzled News for any updates to this ongoing story.

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