These warnings about TikTok are anything but vague and Americans should be extremely concerned

TikTok which is owned by the China-based company ByteDance, is getting renewed scrutiny.

Amid the latest fears parents should be vigilant.

Because these warnings about TikTok are anything but vague and Americans should be extremely concerned.

The harm of social media is finally coming to light.

Exposés on Facebook and Instagram have changed how people view these platforms.

And insiders gave a stern warning about TikTok.

The social media app TikTok has become wildly popular, particularly among young users.

But the China-based company has come under a lot of scrutiny.

Even though TikTok is headquartered in the United States, its relationship to communist China has remained in doubt.

And insiders say China is calling the shots.

From Breitbart:

A recent report states that despite supposed efforts to distance itself from its communist China, TikTok insiders claim that the final say for the platform often comes from parent company ByteDance in Beijing. One former staffer reportedly told Business Insider that: “It’s that feeling a little bit in the US where you’re sort of helpless to a lot of the decisions that are made out of China.”

China’s involvement in TikTok immediately raises privacy concerns.

The Chinese Communist Party is hellbent on achieving full censorship and societal control.

Also, TikTok has come under fire for promoting explicit messages to children.

A study by The Wall Street Journal showed that teens and preteens on TikTok are suggested videos on hard drug use and promiscuous sex.

Such degeneracy has a downstream effect on young users.

Breitbart continued:

According to six current and former TikTok employees, the firm was still largely under the influence of ByteDance’s Beijing headquarters. Four current and former staffers told Business Insider that discussions relating to TikTok’s products often require calls with employees at ByteDance’s China HQ and final product decisions are regularly made in Beijing.

The CCP has shown that it cannot be trusted in such matters.

China worked with Google on the pro-censorship product Dragonfly, and it was only scrapped after employees at Google raised a big fuss.

The CCP has also deployed spies to Confucius Institutes on American college campuses around the country.

China has its paws all over American academia and commerce, so TikTok being under the thumb of Beijing shouldn’t come as a surprise.

Breitbart added:

TikTok’s employees refer to the ByteDance Beijing office and its staff as “HQ” according to five of the current and former staffers. “Even our internal ticketing system will reroute questions to HQ, eliciting the response, ‘Oh no, it went to HQ,’” said one current staffer.

Parents should be vigilant about what their children consume on Facebook and Twitter, and hyper-aware of the content on TikTok.

Stay tuned to Unmuzzled News for any updates to this ongoing story.

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