The White House is hosting some of the biggest names in the tech industry to discuss this sensitive topic

In a move that shocked many, social media giant Facebook admitted they were censoring supposed “misinformation” at the direction of the White House.

Most already knew Big Tech was nothing more than an arm of the Deep State, but to hear Facebook admit it was surprising to many.

Now the White House has announced it’s hosting some of the biggest names in the tech industry to discuss this sensitive topic.

The White House is hosting an event that will bring together the largest U.S. technology companies for a discussion about cybersecurity challenges.

If that isn’t alarming to you, it should be.

Big Tech has, in large part, admitted to censorship of those who disagree with the current administration.

Many in the tech industry have banded together to “collect” data on Americans they consider “extremists” – aka Trump supporters.

The White House wants everyone to believe this meeting results from the rash of high-profile hacking incidents that occurred earlier this year.

And while that may be part of the discussion, some believe there is more to this meeting.

According to sources familiar with the event, the guest list includes Inc CEO Andy Jassy, Apple Inc CEO Tim Cook, Microsoft Corp CEO Satya Nadella, Google CEO Sundar Pichai, and IBM Chief Executive Arvind Krishna.

Bloomberg reported executives for energy utility firm Southern Co and financial giant JPMorgan Chase & Co are also expected to attend the event.

An interesting mix of high-profile names.

Also, an interesting time to hold the meeting given the disaster Biden is facing in Afghanistan.

One might think it appropriate to reschedule this event, but then again, Biden’s actions continue to prove that he doesn’t care about the innocent lives being lost in Afghanistan.

While the White House has engaged the private sector for months over potential new cybersecurity rules, this event is unique in its inclusion of the insurance industry.

Insurance companies have an essential role in covering damages that are associated with data breaches.

Looks like Biden wants to influence the insurance market too.

The event’s optics are worrisome and lead some to believe this is just another meeting to discuss the continued takeover of Americans’ freedoms.

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