The New York Slimes went after Elon Musk with a smear job from someone with an obvious ax to grind

Leftists have always used Twitter for amplifying the Democrat Party’s talking points.

But those talking points have still almost always come from the elite’s so-called “paper of record” – The New York Times.

So now the New York Slimes went after Elon Musk with a smear job from someone with an obvious ax to grind.

Right now, most major tech companies are in full-on panic mode. 

Major tech companies like Netflix, Facebook, and Amazon have seen their value plummet, and some companies have made some major changes as a result. 

And no company has faced more upheaval than Twitter following the company’s takeover by world-famous entrepreneur Elon Musk.

The New York Times published hit-job editorial by former Twitter employee

After buying Twitter, Musk promised to make some major changes to Twitter, and so far he has delivered on this promise. 

His biggest changes involve firing thousands of employees and unbanning many conservative figures and organizations, most notably unbanning Donald Trump’s Twitter account. 

As you can imagine, social justice warriors and the rest of the far-Left are losing their minds. 

And make no mistake, these far-Left extremists are devising a plan to regain their monopoly on Internet speech. 

One such extremist is now former Twitter employee Yoel Roth, who briefly served as head of Twitter’s notorious so-called “Trust and Safety Department.” 

This past Friday, Roth published an editorial in the notorious liberal rag, the New York Times, outlining his plan to restore Twitter’s iron grip on free speech. 

According to Roth, “Regulators have significant tools at their disposal to enforce their will on Twitter and on Mr. Musk. Penalties for noncompliance with Europe’s Digital Services Act could total as much as 6 percent of the company’s annual revenue. In the United States, the F.T.C. has shown an increasing willingness to exact significant fines for noncompliance with its orders (like a blockbuster $5 billion fine imposed on Facebook in 2019).” 

Roth went on to write “In other key markets for Twitter, such as India, in-country staff members work with the looming threat of personal intimidation and arrest if their employers fail to comply with local directives. Even a Musk-led Twitter will struggle to shrug off these constraints.”

So in a nutshell, Roth is calling on bureaucrats to step in and stop Twitter and Elon musk from doing what they think is best for the platform. 

The future of Twitter and internet free speech

People like Yoel Roth represent a significant threat to free speech and democracy as a whole. 

Calling on unelected bureaucrats to police the internet is not just draconian, but it is also un-American. 

The freedom of speech and freedom of the press is integral to American freedom and democracy, and without them, democracy cannot flourish. 

Until now, this has always been the game plan for tech giants like Twitter, who were run by far-Left radicals. 

There is nothing the Left hates more than people who disagree with them, and rather than try and disagree with these people civilly, they have opted to simply ban them. 

After years of implementing draconian, anti-free speech policies, many Big Tech companies are failing. 

People no longer want to use platforms that wear their bias on their sleeves, opting for other platforms that allow for free speech.

But as a result of some major changes at some of the biggest Tech companies, liberals are desperate to control free speech by any means possible. 

Hopefully, Musk’s changes will be a sign of more to come in the Tech industry. 

Stay tuned to Unmuzzled News for any updates to this ongoing story.

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