The freedom-loving truckers could be shut down with this jaw-dropping new government move

The globalist elites have used the pandemic as a political power grab.

People around the world are fighting back.

And the freedom-loving truckers could be shut down with this jaw-dropping new government move.

The Freedom Convoy by Canadian truck drivers has taken the world by storm.

The truckers organized a cross-Canada drive to the capital of Ottawa to protest their government’s totalitarian pandemic restrictions.

Canada’s government is trying to implement vaccine mandates and passports that spy on truckers via their cell phones.

The protest has drawn international attention with Ron DeSantis and Elon Musk expressing support for them.

Of course, the globalists running the Canadian government are furious that anyone would push back against their pandemic power grab.

Politicians like Prime Minister Justin Trudeau have hurled ridiculous insults of racism, sexism and every other “ism” at the truckers and are doing everything in their power to squash the protests.

The trucker’s protest has been powered from roughly ten million dollars in money raised from the crowd-funding platform GoFundMe.

It became one of the successful crowdfunding campaigns in Canadian history.

With Big Tech helping to fuel the protests, the politicians in Canada saw an opportunity to pounce.

The mayor and city council of Ottawa began a pressure campaign against GoFundMe to shut down the fundraiser to break up the protest.

Ottawa Mayor Jim Watson said the city is considering legal action against GoFundMe.

He said, “I think it’s disgraceful that any company would want to be associated with what kind of action we’ve seen here in Ottawa.”

“And you know, my hope is that GoFundMe understands that this is a completely inappropriate use of dollars, to be coming into a city to create this kind of havoc in neighbourhoods, to shut down businesses, to harass our residents on the streets of Ottawa,” he added.

“I’ve asked our city solicitor if we have any recourse to GoFundMe,” he concluded.

The mayor claims that the protests are costing the city $800,000 a day and the truckers are engaging in “rogue activity.”

Despite the insults hurled by Canada’s political elite and claims of havoc by the protests, it seems this is a flimsy pretext to make the truckers go away.

Unfortunately, it appears GoFundMe may be doing the bidding of the globalists.

Coincidently, the platform has frozen the fundraiser claiming that the company wants to confirm it complies with the company’s terms of service.

GoFundMe temporarily froze the fundraiser for a similar review once already before reopening it.

It remains to be seen what happens to the trucker’s GoFundMe this time but it’s clear the grassroots energy around the world against pandemic power grabs isn’t going away.

Stay tuned to Unmuzzled News for any updates to this ongoing story.

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