The cancel mob blew a gasket after a Fox News host proposed this surprising solution to wokeness

Cancel culture and wokeness are infiltrating everywhere in society.

This insanity is hell bent on dominating culture.

Now, the cancel mob blew a gasket after a Fox News host proposed this surprising solution to wokeness.

Wokeness and its ugly sibling cancel culture have taken over institution after institution as the Left gains more control.

Even American as apple pie institutions like country music and baseball have seen these poisonous ideologies creep in.

Woke culture grew out of the far-Left take over of colleges before it began spreading to the rest of society.

Fox News host Steve Hilton is fed up with wokeness and the cancel mob.

On his show, The Next Revolution, he argued the “cure for the woke mind virus” can only be found at its source in higher education.

“This viciously destructive ideology that has swept the nation and most of the western world of the course of the last few years,” Hilton commented.

“An ideology that Elon Musk has called a ‘dangerous mind virus’ that threatens to destroy civilization,” he remarked.

“This ideology, this new secular religion is wokeism,” he specified.

Hilton explained that this ideology grew out of Marxist indoctrination in universities over the course of decades. 

“This (higher education) is where it all starts, with academics and theorists and over time your local school board, your employers, HR department, AOC, teenagers, they’re all speaking fluent ‘woke’,” Hilton explained.

“The problem is, the more they become indoctrinated, the more authoritarian the whole thing gets until it’s practically compulsory if you want to get anywhere in American society,” he lamented.

“And that is just about where we are today,” he said.

“But to fight back against ‘wokeism,’ it is not enough just to rail against cancel culture, or complain about woke corporations. We have to go to the source,” Hilton advocated.

“The cure for the woke mind virus will be found in the very spot where society got sick in the first place. And that’s in the universities,” he stated.

“Institutions of higher learning are incredibly influential, whether we like it or not, they incubate the leaders of society,” he continued.

“After centuries of doing that with exploration and expansion of human knowledge, in just a few decades, they have been transformed from places of open inquiry into centers of indoctrination,” he added.

“But in the great tradition of America, if something is not working we don’t just moan about it, we build something better,” he concluded.

While Joe Biden’s regime has been encouraging this liberal insanity, red states have begun to fight back.

Wyoming cut off funding for the gender studies department at the University of Wyoming.

Gender, ethnic and other woke departments of colleges have become the breeding ground of wokeness.

Graduates of these programs are inundated with Marxist indoctrination before they take this vicious ideology into the world.

By cutting off the funding for wokeness in colleges, red states could turn the tide against cancel culture and wokeism. 

Stay tuned to Unmuzzled News for any updates to this ongoing story.

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