The Biden’s were rocked when a judge issued an order no one expected in the First Daughter diary saga

The establishment looks out for its own.

They’ll do anything they can to silence anyone who even knows the dirty secrets of one of their own.

So the Biden’s were rocked when a judge issued an order no one expected in the First Daughter diary saga.

News broke a few weeks back that the FBI had raided the homes of Project Veritas employees as part of an investigation into whether the diary of Ashley Biden, daughter of Joe Biden, had been stolen.

The entire ordeal has played out like a suspense novel with Project Veritas founder, James O’Keefe in the starring role.

Well, score one for Project Veritas – a court has ruled with O’Keefe in the Biden diary case.

James O’Keefe and the entirety of the Project Veritas team have maintained from day one that they handed Ashley Biden’s diary over to the authorities and refused to publish its contents when they couldn’t verify how it was obtained.

They also deny any involvement in the original procurement of the diary and insist it was given to them by a source.

Despite the government’s best efforts to paint O’Keefe and his team as horrible journalists who are out to destroy the Biden family, a court recently ruled in favor of the good guys.

In a move that surely rocked the Biden’s, a  federal court ordered that a special master be appointed to review materials seized by the FBI during raids against Project Veritas last month.

It is the job of the special master to handle sensitive evidence and is only used in extraordinary circumstances.

The master will determine what materials that the FBI seized during the raids against O’Keefe and two former Project Veritas employees can be used by prosecutors in the Ashley Biden diary case, if any.

The special master appointment follows information from O’Keefe’s phone not relevant to the case being leaked to the press in an apparent attempt to intimidate and silence him.

Judge Analisa Torres granted the request from Project Veritas for a special master, but did deny the group’s request to order the Department of Justice to conduct an investigation into whether or not information about the raid was leaked to The New York Times.

Well-known First Amendment advocate and attorney, Harmeet Dhillon who is working for Project Veritas celebrated the ruling on Twitter and applauded it as a victory for the organization’s first amendment rights.

“Project Veritas appreciates the ruling but continues to insist that the Government show the public why they conducted these raids and return legally privileged material immediately,” a Project Veritas representative stated.

This investigation by the FBI into a diary that led to the raids and the subsequent leaks all look like politically-motivated acts to try and silence anyone who may speak ill of the Biden family.

These types of moves by the Left must be stopped.


Stay tuned to Unmuzzled News for any updates to this ongoing story.

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