The Biden-Big Tech-Corporate Controlled Media axis of evil launched an attack on Conservatives so disgusting that Ilhan Omar condemned it

Biden, Big Tech and the corporate-controlled media are determined to take out Conservatives.

They’re desperate to shut down any criticism of Joe Biden. 

And they just launched an attack on Conservatives so disgusting that Ilhan Omar condemned it.

The Canadian Freedom Truckers’ brave protest against vaccine mandates and pandemic restrictions have captured the world’s attention.

The protestors have used crowdfunding to fuel their fight for freedom.

Initially, they raised nearly $8 million on GoFundMe before the fundraiser was canceled under pressure from the Canadian government.

GiveGoSend, a Christian crowdfunding platform, stepped in to fill the void raising over $9 million.

Hackers temporarily shut down the site and the Canadian government demanded they shut it down but GiveGoSend refused to back down.

The left-wing hacker that shut down the site was alleged to have been responsible for attacks on Conservative tech sites like Parler and Gab.

As a result of the illegal hack, he was able to acquire the names of 92,000 donors to the truckers.

The list of the donors was then passed around on Twitter by left-wing accounts in violation of Twitter’s rules.

Twitter has an explicit rule against hacked materials being shared on the site.

This was used as the justification to censor the Hunter Biden laptop story.

But Twitter’s one-sided rules only apply to Conservatives and the list circulated freely.

As a result, the corporate-controlled media got their hands on it and went into attack mode.

So-called journalists from Canada and the U.S. began contacting donors about their support of the truckers.

Most of their targets had only given small sums to the fundraiser.

A grandma giving $20 to support the truckers isn’t a news story, but an attempt at pure political intimidation.

Publicizing the names of the small donors is an attempt to get the cancel mob after them.

A café that made a small donation had its name publicized by the corporate-controlled media and almost immediately afterwards the café had to temporarily shut down.

The café closed because the Cancel Mob targeted them with harassing calls, negative online reviews and threats of damage.

This isn’t journalism.  It’s political activism to take out the donors and scare future supporters of Conservative causes.

So over the line was the corporate-controlled media’s disgusting attack, that even Ilhan Omar called them out.

She said, “I fail to see why any journalist felt the need to report on a shop owner making such a insignificant donation rather than to get them harassed. It’s unconscionable and journalists need to do better.”

Their behavior was so malicious that even one of the most radical leftists elected hammered them.

The corporate-controlled media and Big Tech are all about stopping a similar trucker protest here.

The Biden regime is terrified of it and even warned that the Super Bowl could be disrupted.

The elites are desperate to do anything to stop grassroots protests against their pandemic power grab. 

Stay tuned to Unmuzzled News for any updates to this ongoing story.

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