Ted Cruz dropped the gloves with school administrators after a video leaked of one disgusting incident

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Parents have awakened to the fact that government schools are not safe.

Radical teachers and administrators have completely lost their minds.

And Ted Cruz dropped the gloves with school administrators after a video leaked of one disgusting incident.

Distance learning during the pandemic exposed the radical nonsense kids were being taught by “woke” teachers.

Parents are much more vigilant about the craziness going on in the classroom.

But there are still episodes from schools that are too insane to believe.

For instance, a school in Oklahoma held a fundraiser where students were encouraged to lick feet.

“Child abuse”

Upon seeing the disturbing video, Texas Senator Ted Cruz responded, “This is child abuse.”

Prior to the blowback, the Deer Creek School District said in a statement, “Many dedicated students gave generously of their personal time to achieve this momentous accomplishment, which will serve communities beyond the boundaries of Deer Creek. We would like to thank all of the patrons, businesses, and sponsors who contributed to the success of this year’s Wonderful Week of Fundraising.”

However, after the story went viral, the administrators went into CYA mode.

Officials told the New York Post, “There is a video circulating on social media of one of the activities that involve students only during this assembly that has, unfortunately, gained national attention. We want to stress to our community that much of the information accompanying this video is inaccurate…However, through this specific game, we failed to uphold the dignity of our students and the proud image of our community. We have a responsibility to protect our Antlers and showcase them in a positive light. In regards to this one particular activity, we fell short and for that we greatly apologize…Thank you for standing with us and helping us to weather this storm and move forward together.”

Under investigation

The district made sure to note that no employees took part in the incident, but they certainly allowed it to happen.

Oklahoma State Superintendent Ryan Walters commented, “This is disgusting. We are cleaning up this filth in Oklahoma schools. Our agency is investigating.”

The toe-licking challenge was part of a fundraiser during the “Clash of the Classes” between high schoolers from 9th to 12th grade.

The week of fundraising netted $152,830.38 for a local business called Not Your Average Joe Coffee that was created to “inspire our community by including students and adults with intellectual, developmental and physical disabilities,” per the business’ website.

Regardless of the cause, subjecting students to licking toes is completely unacceptable.

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