Shocking footage proves Antifa terrorists attempted to murder this journalist

Democrats have been lying about Antifa for years.

The truth is that Antifa is a violent far-left extremist group.

And shocking footage proves Antifa terrorists attempted to murder this journalist.

Portland has morphed into a leftist-hellscape due to Antifa terrorism and the progressives in the city who enable them.

Independent journalist Andy Ngo has spent years covering Antifa as the so-called mainstream media refuse to do so.

And just-released surveillance camera footage shows how Antifa thugs attempted to murder Ngo in the street at the height of Antifa’s rampages in Portland last year.

Ngo, who had previously been hospitalized after another Antifa attack and the group literally putting a bounty on his head in the city, went undercover in Antifa garb, dressed in black from head to toe.

But one of the Antifa goons became suspicious of him.

After Ngo was discovered, he ran for his life.

Ngo detailed in a New York Post piece:

“I was tackled at full force to the concrete ground…The impact on the brick floor shredded my skin as I slid. I tried getting up, but the Antifa held me until some of his comrades caught up. One of the men sprinted at me and began punching my face, head and body until I collapsed on the ground. He then put me in a hold. In that moment, all the adrenaline left my body, and I couldn’t breathe…I could hear others in the distance approaching. I knew that when they got to me, they would kill me…But suddenly someone shouted, ‘Get off!’ A local journalist ran up and intervened. He was courageous, and his act distracted the person holding me down just long enough that I was able to push his arms off and take off running again…”

Ngo was able to escape to a hotel lobby and take refuge.

Antifa is a group of communist terrorists that have been given free rein by the Democrats.

If a right-wing group had chased down a gay Vietnamese journalist and attempted to beat him to death, the entire state would be crawling with federal agents and the story would never leave the front page of all the corporate-controlled news outlets.

But because Antifa is a left-wing group and Ngo is exposing them, the so-called mainstream media absolutely refuse to cover the story.

Democrats spent years pretending that Antifa was a “myth” or an “idea.”

Myths don’t hunt people down in the street and try to choke them to death.

Stay tuned to Unmuzzled News for any updates to this ongoing story.

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