Secretary of State insists globalists will take a sledgehammer to privacy with this stunning move

The culture of free speech is quickly eroding in the West.

Something similar is also happening to privacy rights.

Now, this Secretary of State insists that globalists will take a sledgehammer to privacy with this stunning move.

Concerns over Big Tech censorship and invasion of privacy are quickly escalating.

The past few years proved that social media giants are more than willing to silence dissenting voices at the behest of the establishment.

Now, privacy rights are under direct assault.

Nadine Dorries—the United Kingdom Secretary of State for Digital, Culture, Media, and Sport—is promoting a bill proposed by the UK government that would force Big Tech companies to verify the identity of all users on the platforms.

That would be a major blow to people who want their identities to be protected online.

Dorries said in a statement:

“Tech firms have a responsibility to stop anonymous trolls polluting their platforms…People will now have more control over who can contact them and be able to stop the tidal wave of hate served up to them by rogue algorithms.”

The violation of rights is always sold by authoritarian regimes as a way of protecting the people from something nefarious.

“Online trolls” are not the reason why the UK government, and other governments, want companies to verify users.

They want to know who is saying what and where.

A major piece of the authoritarian puzzle in place in the UK with laws allowing the government to arrest people for “online hate speech.”

A British teenage girl got arrested for posting vulgar rap lyrics on Instagram.

It’s easy to see how this new bit of legislation could be abused by the state.

Engadget reports that tech firms, “in violation could face fines of up to 10 percent of their global annual revenues, which could be in the billions with companies like Google and Facebook. The government could also block services from being accessed in the UK under the proposed rules, which would need to be approved by parliament to become law.”

Of course, many Big Tech firm CEOs share the same authoritarian progressive worldview, and have already shown a willingness to do the bidding of the state.

 “We are reviewing the details of the new proposed duties…Our focus remains on a safe internet for all — whether or not someone is able to or chooses to verify themselves,” a Twitter spokesman told CNBC regarding the UK legislation.

The spokesman added that anonymity is, “a vital tool for speaking out in oppressive regimes.”

As Western leaders like Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau move closer toward a Chinese Communist Party model that includes a social credit system, such violations of privacy will cause major concerns.

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