Search giant executive instantly regretted one public statement about a new “misinfo” scheme after her past was exposed

Apart from Twitter, there appears to be no slowing the Left’s rapid movement towards an Orwellian state of censorship and free speech suppression. 

In fact just the opposite. 

But a high-ranking executive at the internet’s biggest giant instantly regretted one public statement about a new “misinfo” scheme after her past got exposed.

Many on the Left aren’t satisfied with the amount of free speech that still remains in society. 

That’s the case for one high-ranking Google executive who is calling out the company for being too passive when it comes to censoring conservative speech. 

It is now clear the term, “misinformation,” is leftist code for “silence all opinions counter to the politically correct narrative.” 

And perhaps no company has done more to combat so-called, “misinformation,” than Alphabet. 

Alphabet is the parent company of Google and YouTube. 

Studies by the Media Research Center this year proved Google was suppressing Republican candidate’s websites and sending e-mails from Republican campaigns and causes to g-mail spam folders. 

Google is also awarding leftist organizations with millions of dollars in grant money for so-called “fact-checking” initiatives. 

Their latest, and largest, grant, worth $13.2-Million, went to the Poynter Institute to build a global fact-checking network. 

Meanwhile, YouTube is known for flagging content that they deem to be peddling the dreaded, “misinformation.” 

They’ve gone as far as removing videos, suspending channels and even deplatforming creators who dare question the Left’s narrative. 

High-ranking Google executive thinks the company has been too passive censoring speech

But that’s not enough for one top Alphabet executive. 

Yasmin Green, Chief Executive of the Google subsidiary Jigsaw, says the company has to go from “defense to offense” in fighting “misinformation.” 

Her comments were made at the “Fighting Misinformation Online” conference earlier this week, where Google showcased the so-called “Info Interventions” that Green has been working on. 

The Google subsidiary that Green helms, Jigsaw, is working on a project that takes a pre-emptive approach to stopping conservative speech from spreading. 

Jigsaw says its “Info Interventions” are informed by “behavioral science” to “build resilience to online harms.” 

Green describes the approach as “pre-bunking misinformation” to “immunize” users.

Long history of censorship advocacy 

Conservative Commentator and Human Events Senior Editor Jack Posobiec dug deep into Green’s background and found a disturbing history of anti-free speech sentiments. 

“With regards to online censorship, there’s a symmetry between freedom to *publish* and freedom to *consume* (One can’t exist w/o the other),” a 2013 tweet read.

In an ironic and meta tweet from 2017, Green posted: 

“One person’s activism — or education, or journalism, for that matter — is another person’s propaganda.”

Yet another tweet features a treasure trove of woke authoritarian ideals.

Green forwarded along a parody of the 12 Days of Christmas – the 12 Days of Feministmas. 

“On the twelfth feministmas, my true love gave to me:

Fair rights and wages;

Reproductive freedom;

No victim blaming;

No body shaming;

No bullshit diets;

Gender bias broken;

Shame free breastfeeding;


Proud working mums;

Male allies;

No tampon tax;

And a grope-free Christmas party!”

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