Rumble CEO just dropped jaws with this damning statement about the elections

Thanks in large part to the Twitter files, Americans are now more aware of the enormous political influence that Big Tech wields.

However, the true scope of this massive influence has yet to be fully discovered.

But Rumble’s CEO just dropped jaws with this damning statement about the elections.

The extent to which Big Tech meddles in politics is very disturbing

For many years now, Big Tech platforms such as YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter have worn their left-wing political bias proudly on their sleeves.

In response, some conservatives have created their own social media platforms, giving people a legitimate alternative to far-Left Big Tech companies.

One such platform is Rumble, which was founded by Chris Pavlovski. Rumble is very similar to YouTube, which is owned by tech giant Google.

Chris Pavlovski knows a thing or two about censorship and the role that the government and many large tech companies play in censoring conservatives like him.

On Fox Nation’s most recent broadcast of Tucker Carlson Today, Chris Pavlovski joined Tucker Carlson to discuss the major role that Big Tech companies play in politics and describes a phone call he got in the midst of Democrats’ Trump Impeachment witch hunts from Devin Nunes.

Nunes proved Rumble’s value

Nunes, the former Republican Congressman turned-Truth Social head, was the ranking member on the House Intelligence Committee at the time and thanks to Big Tech interference, he was struggling to get information out that countered the Democrats’ narrative about former President Donald Trump.

Nunes asked him about some of Rumble’s features and then opened an account.

Per Pavlovski, “Next thing you know, within a couple of months, he gets a couple of hundred thousand subscribers on his Rumble channel. Meanwhile, on YouTube and he’s been on there for four years…he only has 10,000.”

He added “You can call it whatever you want. Censorship, shadow-banning…the fact that an elected official could get significantly more subscribers on a platform that no one’s ever heard of in two months, and he can’t get more than 12,000 in four years on YouTube, that’s a problem.”

Tucker Carlson went on to ask Chris Pavlovski whether or not he thinks Nunes’ political affiliation had anything to do with his YouTube woes, to which Chris Pavlovski replied “Something was happening, definitely, and it was happening right before the elections.”

Why every American should be horrified by Chris Pavlovski’s story

Chris Pavlovski’s story about his call with Nunes illustrates yet another example of Big Tech attacking and silencing conservatives.

For years, Conservatives have been censored and silenced by YouTube, Twitter, and other Big Tech platforms, simply for their political opinions.

This is fundamentally wrong and un-democratic, and such censorship should never be tolerated in the United States.

Fortunately, there are some out there who know how to fight back.

Chris Pavlovski has shown that pro-freedom of speech tech start ups can find success.

But Congress needs to act.

The First Amendment guarantees freedom of speech and freedom of the press.

But Big Tech and Big Government have colluded to quash them and these fundamental freedoms are in serious jeopardy.

House Republicans must make investigating and stopping censorship a top priority with their new majority.

Stay tuned to Unmuzzled News for any updates to this ongoing story.

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