Paypal just took the tech war on Conservatives to a bone-chilling new level with this disturbing move against a top Biden critic

The establishment has made it very clear that mass censorship is the main agenda.

Tech companies have become a formidable weapon of the establishment to crush dissent.

And Paypal just took the tech war on Conservatives to a bone-chilling new level with this disturbing move against a top Biden critic. 

Big Tech’s war on conservatives escalated with perhaps the most despicable and underhanded establishment censorship tool – they’re now going after banks and payment processors.

Several right-wing figures have had their bank accounts inexplicably closed, and they have been banned by various Big Tech platforms.

The most notable example is Donald Trump getting booted from every single major social media platform when he was the sitting president of the United States, but it happens all the time to smaller voices.

And PayPal just permanently banned the account of conservative writer and pundit Ian Miles Cheong.

Not only did the platform ban him, they’re supposedly attempting to keep the money that’s still in his account.

Cheong added: “They said it’ll take 180 days to withdraw it—assuming they decide to send it at all. No guarantees apparently.”

So PayPal banned him for political reasons and might steal his money.

This is the most problematic Big Tech bottleneck that counter-narrative voices must solve.

Even if the platforms purport to be in favor of free speech, pressure can be applied to banks and credit card companies.

For example, Mastercard pressured a crowdfunding site to cancel a campaign for Jihad Watch founder Robert Spencer.

Cryptocurrency could potentially be a work-around to the bank and payment processor problem, but there are still more logistical issues to solve.

Also, the government is desperate to regulate crypto.

The establishment wants its hands on all forms of exchange.

While Big Tech censorship is escalating, it could be backfiring on the establishment.

More people than ever have become aware of the personalities that have been silenced for no good reason at all.

The establishment is losing control of the narrative, and censorship is the clumsy tool it continues to use. 

Stay tuned to Unmuzzled News for any updates to this ongoing story.

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