One shocking image proved why Elon Musk can’t clean house at Twitter fast enough

Democrats are freaking out over Elon Musk buying Twitter.

Leftists inside and outside the company are feverishly trying to stop him.

And one shocking image proved why Musk can’t clean house at Twitter headquarters fast enough.

For the past six years, the establishment has been attempting to rein in Twitter.

And Elon Musk just crashed the party.

One of the main catalysts that spurred Musk to buy Twitter and take it private in the first place was when the satirical site The Babylon Bee got locked out of its account by the Twitter overlords.

The Bee wrote a humorous headline naming transgender Biden cabinet member Rachel Levine as “Man of the Year,” a play on USA Today including Levine in its “Women of the Year” issue.

The Babylon Bee has since been frozen out of its account with 1 million followers.

And Kyle Mann, the Editor-in-Chief of The Babylon Bee, posted on his personal Twitter that the platform’s content moderation team flagged a satirical tweet for “sensitive content.”

In true meta fashion, the “sensitive content” was a video mocking Twitter employees as being too sensitive.

“Our video mocking Twitter employees for being too sensitive was flagged by Twitter for sensitive content.”

Musk developed a rapport with The Bee after agreeing to join them for an interview where he discussed the importance of comedy and how the “woke” brigade is destroying it.

The Bee refused to back down and delete the Rachel Levine joke.

After the incident, Musk contacted The Babylon Bee to confirm that the account had indeed been suspended.

Musk was tired of the hand-wringing over censorship on the platform and did what few people could do.

Now, Musk has access to all of the evidence of potential algorithmic manipulation on the part of the leftists within the company.

Donald Trump used the platform to great effect in order to win the presidency.

The D.C. Swamp was furious that an outsider was able to break up its succession plan, and social media companies were to blame.

Suddenly, free speech platforms Facebook and Twitter were censoring voices that threatened the establishment narrative.

Democrats knew this and wouldn’t admit it, but their reaction to Musk buying Twitter has given away the game.

Musk exposed that the Left no longer holds free speech as a bedrock principle.

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