One pilot just showed incredible flight skills that are sure to have Joe Biden furious

Americans are sick and tired of Joe Biden and his radical agenda.

They’re showing it in all kinds of ways.

But now one pilot just took it to another level with incredible flight skills and Joe Biden will be furious.

In just his first year in office, Biden has done more damage to the country than any other president before him.

The chant “Let’s go Brandon!” – has swept the nation.

What started as a reporter’s attempt to suggest that NASCAR fans chanting “F*** Joe Biden!’ has turned into a viral phenomenon.

Crowds everywhere are jumping on the “Let’s go Brandon” bandwagon.

It’s blown up so much that the phrase can now be seen on sweatshirts, bumper stickers, yard signs and even wrapping paper.

Of course, every catchphrase must have an abbreviation and the “F*** Joe Biden” is no different with many just stating “FJB” for short.

And now it’s being said that “FJB” has made it all the way to the sky!

Earlier this month, a pilot operating a Cessna commuter plane was recorded by the flight-tracking website FlightAware.

Being tracked by FlightAware isn’t necessarily unique but what is unique is that the pilot drew FJB and a middle finger on his flight pattern.

Yep, even pilots are getting into the action.

According to an article on, “The pilot was at an altitude of 2,500 to 3,500 feet near Phoenix, flying around 85-100 mph for 37 minutes last week while they created their masterpiece in the sky.”

No doubt Joe Biden is not happy with this latest occurrence of the now famous abbreviation, “FJB.”

Most assume it’s only a matter of time before this pilot is being interviewed by government officials.

Joe Biden promised during his campaign for the White House not to politicize the DOJ, but he lied and has in fact politicized far more than anyone expected.

In fact, Biden believes he’s so entitled to government agencies dealing with his issues that it’s been said he approached the FBI about how they need to stop these “Let’s Go Brandon” and “FJB” chants.

Joe Biden is so clueless to the mess he’s put this country in that he doesn’t even understand why people are mad at him.

Stay tuned to Unmuzzled News for any updates to this ongoing story.

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