One libertarian outlet just got smacked in the face by YouTube

Big Tech is undermining America’s culture of free speech.

People are still ignoring the threat posed by Silicon Valley oligarchs.

And one libertarian outlet just got smacked in the face by YouTube.

Some libertarians have been slow to take a hard stance against Big Tech censorship.

Many have argued that private companies can do whatever they want within the confines of the law, but that misses the point.

Americans can still be fiercely critical of social media sites without calling for federal nationalization.

Reason, the biggest and most well-known libertarian magazine, had one of its videos banned from YouTube because of “medical misinformation.”

The video about biohacking had been up for 18 months, but YouTube recently pulled it down, likely as part of an algorithmic purge.

Reason wrote:

“While YouTube, as a private company, is within its rights to decide what to carry, the decision to remove this video illustrates a disturbing, censorial trend that has accelerated in the age of COVID.”

The problem is only going to get worse until more people speak out and make these censorious decisions untenable.

Reason also pointed out the obvious double standard when it comes to establishment-approved narratives, adding:

“The World Health Organization initially denied the efficacy of masks, and it became clear early on that it might be privileging the leadership’s relationship with the Chinese government over scientific concerns. Yet YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki told CNN in April 2020 that ‘anything that goes against [World Health Organization] recommendations would be a violation of our policy.’”

Americans are getting a hard lesson in just how broken so many institutions are.

The WHO has been granted credibility that it does not deserve.

The organization is clearly in the pocket of Chinese Communist Party; Dr. Tedros, head of the WHO, was sponsored by China for his position.

And WHO doctor Bruce Aylward abruptly ended an interview with a reporter who asked about Taiwan’s inclusion in the WHO – the CCP does not recognize the independence of Taiwan, so neither does the WHO.

These are the institutions that get to run people’s lives.

They serve the elite class, and everyone else is at the mercy of their whims.

Even respectable, anodyne organizations like Reason are not safe on YouTube.

Apparently only establishment narratives are allowed on the platform moving forward.

Stay tuned to Unmuzzled News for any updates to this ongoing story.

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