Nancy Pelosi’s secret police are going after these Americans with a bone-chilling move

Nancy Pelosi will do anything to keep her job as House Speaker.

There’s no low that she won’t stoop to in her fanatical quest for power.

And now, Nancy Pelosi’s secret police are going after these Americans with a bone-chilling move.

Nancy Pelosi and Democrats have used the trumped-up events of January 6 to weaponize the federal government against Conservatives.

They’ve demonized anyone who stands in their ways as an “enemy of democracy.”

After the wildly successful Canadian Freedom Truckers, their American counterparts mounted their own freedom convoy.

A massive convoy of patriotic truckers dubbed the “People’s Convoy” has descended on Washington, D.C. to protest the Left’s tyranny.

Democrats have been panicking for weeks about the possibility of an American version of the freedom truckers.

Biden’s Homeland Security Department was so terrified that they put out a bulletin on them.

In February, the Defense Department ordered 700 National Guardsman to D.C. based on the “threat” of the convoy arriving then.

Republican Senator Roger Marshall of Kansas welcomed these freedom-loving patriots by giving them a tour of the Capitol building.

The Capitol building has been mostly shut down to the public due to pandemic restrictions put in place by Democrats.

A senior congressional aide called the Justice Department and Capitol Hill Police about their visit.

The aide alleged that the truckers’ tour could be used by them to gain access.

Politico reports that Capitol Hill Police complained about the truckers being allowed in.

By using the fear of another “January 6 event,” Democrats are trying to target these patriots.

This phony fear is nothing but an attempt to sic the Biden regime and Pelosi’s secret police on them.

The Capitol Hill Police have been under fire for targeting Conservatives.

They’ve been accused of spying on Conservative congressmens’ offices and mail for “security reasons” along with anyone meeting these congressmen.

Pelosi has expanded their mission from working the Capitol Building to establishing field offices around the country using January 6 as a flimsy pretext.

It’s absolutely absurd that tax-paying Americans can’t visit a building they pay for.

Democrats love to talk about democracy but hate it when people they don’t like exercise their democratic rights.

Jim Jordan ripped into Democrats for their political stunt.

He said, “You got a United States Senator taking tax paying citizens from his state through their Capitol — the Capitol that their tax money paid for, that they’re supposed to be able to come to petition their member of Congress to redress their grievances. He’s taking them through the Capitol and some senior aide Democrat, what alerts the Department of Justice? This is frightening.”

Republican Dan Bishop said the story was “absurd.”

“Maybe if Biden’s DOJ spent less time targeting parents and truckers, they’d be able to address the violent crime spike in our cities,” Bishop added.

With Democrats unable to run on any accomplishments in the midterm, they’ve resorted to political thuggery to silence their critics.

Stay tuned to Unmuzzled News for any updates to this ongoing story.

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