Nancy Pelosi looks even worse after this one shocking fact got exposed in Facebook document release

Politicians know Big Tech holds vast power to make arbitrary decisions about what is considered “misinformation” and what isn’t on their platforms.

And they hate looking bad.

But Nancy Pelosi looks even worse after this one shocking fact got exposed in a Facebook document release.

Much is made of Nancy Pelosi’s alleged drinking.

It certainly appears she’s often inebriated.

But unlike fellow Democrat and Michigan Attorney General  Dana Nessel who recently “owned” her drinking, a leaked Facebook document reveals the shocking lengths Pelosi and her Big Tech pals went to hide a problematic video of Pelosi.

Fortunately for Pelosi, Big Tech can label things “misinformation,” whether it’s factual or not.

Not only that, according to a leaked Facebook document, Facebook employees reportedly found another way to handle problematic posts and it stems from a 2019 video of an apparently intoxicated Nancy Pelosi that went viral on Facebook.

Nancy Pelosi demanded that Zuckerberg remove it immediately. 

It’s no secret that Mark Zuckerberg has become an arm of the Democrat Party.

From his demands that Facebook remove Donald Trump to the way the COVID information has been handled for the last year and a half, Mark Zuckerberg is so powerful that he can silence dissenters.

Shockingly Zuckerberg didn’t immediately remove the drunken Pelosi video.

TIME reports:

“Two days after the video was first uploaded, and following angry calls from Pelosi’s team, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg made the final call: the video did not break his site’s rules against disinformation or deepfakes, and therefore it would not be taken down. At the time, Facebook said it would instead demote the video in people’s feeds.”

Instead he saw an opportunity.

A team at Facebook began working on what they call “soft actions”—solutions that stop short of removing problematic content.

The team presented Zuckerberg with a plan to reduce the reach of certain pages, not just ban them entirely.

The plan would “down-rank” the pages they believed were spreading “misinformation,” which makes it less likely that users would see their posts in the News Feed.

One of the ways they do this is by specifically targeting pages that do not share original content and gain exposure from what they call “manufactured virality,” meaning something went viral but not in an organic way.

Once again, just another way for Facebook to control the content that its users are seeing.

However, pages that share unoriginal viral content in order to boost engagement and drive traffic to questionable websites are still some of the most popular on the entire platform, according to a report released by Facebook in August.

So, one has to argue that Facebook’s plan isn’t what they claim it is because they sure seem able to shut down Right-leaning “manufactured virality.”

Again, all these fancy words are nothing more than Facebook’s way of trying to take complete and total control of what people are able to read.

Stay tuned to Unmuzzled News for any updates to this ongoing story.

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