Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats are rolling out a new weapon for the midterm elections

Joe Biden has the Democrats panicking about the midterm elections.

His dismal approval numbers are a drag on the party.

But Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats are rolling out a new weapon for the midterms.

It’s no secret that Big Tech is in the bag for the Democrats.

Social media giants like Twitter and Facebook have operated as enforcement arms for the Democrats, censoring conservatives and counter-narrative liberals.

Donald Trump is one of many high-profile individuals who have been booted from social media.

Now, Twitter has rolled out testing on a new feature that allows prominent accounts to pre-censor people, and Nancy Pelosi’s account was one of the test cases.

Newsbusters reported that, “Twitter’s ‘Safety Mode autoblock’ feature prevented users not only from commenting on a politician’s tweets, but even from seeing those tweets—specifically, for the @TeamPelosi account. There’s nothing like protecting elites at the expense of the people…Multiple leftist media figures seem to have been able to access ‘Safety Mode,’ including elected House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.”

When asked about Pelosi’s account being put in Safety Mode, Twitter claimed that happened “in error.”

It’s amazing how these mistakes always happen in a way that protects the establishment.

Twitter added, “We want to keep in mind the potential effect of limiting counter-speech which is why we’ve initially excluded official political organizations, elected officials and political candidates from the Safety Mode beta.”

Many right-leaning accounts are already shadow-banned on social media platforms, and in Twitter’s case, users have to click a button to reveal their comments in a particular thread.

It would be easy to put an autoblock on accounts that are deemed “right-wing.”

Newsbusters added that “multiple unverified accounts tweeted purported screenshots of being autoblocked from accessing the Los Angeles Times account and the accounts of wealthy leftists like actress Bette Midler and comedian Kathy Griffin. Other Twitter users said the platform also protected male journalists like ESPN senior NFL Insider Adam Schefter, CNBC host Jim Cramer and liberal Washington Post columnist and The Bulwark writer George Conway, husband of former Trump White House advisor Kellyanne Conway.”

It’s quite easy to see how Safety Mode could be abused by the establishment for the 2022 midterm elections.

Autoblock would make it more difficult for conservatives to take Pelosi and other establishment players to task, which creates a false sense of agreement.

Twitter has been playing a lot of games over the past few years with its ever-changing censorship standards.

Hopefully, free-speech supporter Elon Musk’s recent purchase of a stake in the company will rein in the monkey business.

Stay tuned to Unmuzzled News for any updates to this ongoing story.

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