Meme warriors are furious after this Bill Gates project takes shape

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Big Tech moguls have gone to war with many of their own users. 

Now some of the conflicts are about to turn into infernos over a critical issue. 

And meme warriors are furious after this Bill Gates project takes shape.

Vaccine advocates have spent billions to silence anybody who dares to question big pharma 

At the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, large pharmaceutical companies developed COVID-19 vaccines in record time. 

Many people around the world felt uneasy about taking such a new and experimental vaccine and worried about the possible side effects.

However, many people around the globe did not have a choice whether to get the vaccine or not, causing a debate about the morals and ethics of vaccine requirements. 

Vaccine developers and their interest groups were not having it, and the pro-vaccine group GAVI Vaccine Alliance has spent tremendous resources to discredit anybody who dares to question any aspect of some common and often mandatory vaccines. 

The GAVI vaccine alliance receives massive amounts of money from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, and according to GAVI itself, “As a founding partner of GAVI, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation has brought international attention to the cause of immunization and has made several commitments to GAVI, totaling US$ 4.1 billion to date.”

GAVI’s latest crusade aims to silence meme creators, who they claim proliferate so-called misinformation regarding vaccine science. 

In a post recently published on the GAVI website, GAVI claims, “If you think memes are simply online images of cute cats and celebrities with funny captions, then you might be surprised to learn that they can have a more sinister function.  Our research shows that memes form part of a highly sophisticated strategy to spread and monetize health disinformation.”

Adding, “Memes may appear trivial, but they should be taken seriously. Dismissing them as harmless jokes is to grossly underestimate their influence – and bolsters their power to spread potentially harmful health messages.” 

In the article, GAVI shows examples of vaccine skepticism, dating back to the early 19th century, to justify its campaign to silence those who do not wish to get vaccines for any number of diseases. 

Global elites have dumped billions into so-called “misinformation” campaigns around the world 

For many elitists, typically left-leaning elitists, stopping so-called “misinformation” has become one of their top priorities.

Tech moguls like Bill Gates realize that silencing free speech under the guise of “misinformation” serves as an effective measure to silence people who stand in the way of products and causes they have invested heavily in.  

Even more concerning, governments around the globe have adopted some of these misinformation surveillance and censorship measures, brazenly circumventing the freedom of speech for millions of internet users across the world. 

With the 2024 elections looming, these investments in so-called “misinformation prevention” have skyrocketed and are expected to increase even more in the coming months. 

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