Mark Zuckerberg’s latest move has many American voters on edge

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Big Tech companies have spent billions to monitor content on their platforms. 

More often than not, at the detriment of anybody who dares to support Donald Trump or anybody on the Right for that matter. 

But Mark Zuckerberg’s latest move has many American voters on edge. 

Meta has big plans for 2024 as more voters than ever head to the ballot box

Many political experts predict that 2024 could see more voters than ever head to the polls, as the United States, European Union, and other large nations across the globe plan on having major elections this year.

Much like in 2020, large and powerful technology companies plan to have a major impact.  

Facebook’s parent company Meta for example, recently detailed their plans to make a splash in the highly anticipated European Elections.

On Thursday, February 25, Marco Pancini, the Head of EU Affairs at Meta, outlined Meta’s strategy to prevent so-called “misinformation” on Facebook’s news blog, an endeavor that Facebook and other platforms have dumped billions into in recent years. 

According to Meta, “Meta has been preparing for the EU Parliament elections for a long time. Last year, we activated a dedicated team to develop a tailored approach to help preserve the integrity of these elections on our platforms.”

Adding, “While each election is unique, this work drew on key lessons we have learned from more than 200 elections around the world since 2016, as well as the regulatory framework set out under the Digital Services Act and our commitments in the EU Code of Practice on Disinformation. These lessons help us focus our teams, technologies, and investments so they will have the greatest impact.”

Pancini then noted that these “misinformation” prevention programs, which conveniently began with the rise of Donald Trump in 2016, have cost them billions of dollars and countless man hours. 

Per Pancini, “Since 2016, we’ve invested more than $20 billion into safety and security and quadrupled the size of our global team working in this area to around 40,000 people. This includes 15,000 content reviewers who review content across Facebook, Instagram, and Threads in more than 70 languages — including all 24 official EU languages.” 

He then announced a new program, which aims to censor content in real-time, or as Meta puts it, “uses experts from across the company from our intelligence, data science, engineering, research, operations, content policy and legal teams to identify potential threats and put specific mitigations in place across our apps and technologies in real-time.” 

Meta’s new program could have a major impact on elections all across the globe 

These plans to “monitor” content in real-time present a significant challenge to candidates and voters all across the world.

In years past, so-called “misinformation” programs have allegedly targeted conservatives and anybody who dares to support or even sympathize with Donald Trump. 

Although Meta’s recent blog post relates to the EU elections, many believe that this framework will almost certainly be applied to the American elections this November. 

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