Mark Zuckerberg just got the once piece of news that could ruin Nancy Pelosi in November

Facebook has proven to be very untrustworthy in terms of privacy.

CEO Mark Zuckerberg re-branded the company as Meta, but the same underlying problems exist and it’s been a boon to Democrats.

But Mark Zuckerberg just got the once piece of news that could ruin Nancy Pelosi in November.

Now, one red state is going after Zucker for one deceitful practice.

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton is taking a significant stand against Big Tech.

He recently went after leftist crowdfunding site GoFundMe for blocking funds sent by Texans to the Canadian Freedom Trucker Convoy.

Now, Paxton is suing Facebook for deceitful practices regarding facial recognition software.

Paxton argues that Facebook is using the software on pictures and videos without users’ knowledge.

Paxton wrote in a statement:

“Facebook has been secretly harvesting Texans’ most personal information—photos and videos—for its own corporate profit…Texas law has prohibited such harvesting without informed consent for over 20 years. While ordinary Texans have been using Facebook to innocently share photos of loved ones with friends and family, we now know that Facebook has been brazenly ignoring Texas law for the last decade.”

Facebook has flouted privacy laws for years.

The company collects data from users to create shadow profiles for people within their network.

The profiles are much the same as the data program former President Barack Obama’s campaign used to sweep into White House in 2008.

For example, if someone on Facebook lists the names of his or her siblings, even if the siblings have never been on Facebook, a shadow profile exists for them.

Considering how much data gets shared on Facebook, it’s easy to see how quickly the surveillance network can be built out.

And it’s not a stretch to see how Facebook would love to selectively use that information to benefit it’s Democrat pals, given the Social Media giant’s recent history.

This isn’t the first time Facebook has been dragged into court over privacy violations.

In 2015, Illinois sued Facebook over similar facial recognition issues.

Zuckerberg tried to get the suit thrown out of court, but he was unsuccessful and Facebook settled for $650 million.

John Davisson, Senior Counsel for the Electronic Privacy Information Center, explained that Paxton’s suit shows that “states and individuals have a major role to play in privacy protection.”

For too long, establishment Republicans have been reluctant and not creative enough to use the power vested in individual states to go after bad actors in the public or private sectors.

Davisson added, “We can’t count on Congress and even the FTC [Federal Trade Commission] to be on top of every data abuse…It’s important that there be other avenues.”

Davisson is correct because it’s almost impossible to reform the D.C. Swamp.

As soon as Donald Trump took office, the Swamp conspired to frame him as a Russian asset and undermine his presidency.

Fighting at the state and local level is an important step while building the infrastructure necessary to drain the Swamp.

Stay tuned to Unmuzzled News for any updates to this ongoing story.

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