Mark Zuckerberg is desperately trying cover up Biden’s latest giveaway to criminals

Mark Zuckerberg has always tried to protect the Left.

He’s got to work overtime to hide the constant Biden blunders.

And he’s desperately trying to cover up Biden’s latest giveaway to criminals.

Joe Biden has demanded that Big Tech censor “misinformation” that makes his regime look bad.

Misinformation is just code for any truth that Conservatives point out.

The latest scandal to rock the Biden regime involves government-funded crack pipes for “racial equity.”

The Washington Free Beacon found a little known provision buried in Biden’s pork-filled American Rescue Plan bill that gives $30 million in grants to local governments and nonprofits for crack pipes.

The so-called “harm reduction grant” program administered by the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) would fund what they call “safe smoking kits and supplies” for drug users.

They provided a direct link to the HHS website where details of the grant program were listed. 

The Free Beacon reached out to HHS and a spokesman told them that the smoking kits were pipes to smoke crack, crystal meth or any other illegal drug that a recipient desired.

The money is prioritized towards African-Americans or “LGBTQ+ persons,” based on an executive order by Biden promoting “racial equity.”

Biden’s regime is now in the business of handing out free crack pipes to advance social justice.

There’s no word yet whether Hunter Biden had any involvement in developing the scheme – or if the pipes will be produced by his associates in the Chinese Communist Party, using Uyghur slave labor.

As outrage grew, the regime began backpedaling trying to cover up the scandal.

Regime mouthpiece Jen Psaki said the reporting was “inaccurate” even though the HHS confirmed it.

The HHS, realizing the damage that could be done to Biden, changed their tune to call it “blatant misinformation.”

As the scandal hit social media, Mark Zuckerberg jumped in to keep a lid on it with Facebook “fact checkers” acting to protect the regime.

Any posts sharing the story on Facebook had a “fact check” warning slapped on it saying, “Partly false information. Checked by independent fact-checkers.”

This is blatant cover for the Biden regime to keep the lid on the damaging story.

After being caught red-handed in a taxpayer-funded crack pipe giveaway to criminals, the regime and it’s Big Tech lakeys are desperately trying to lie their way out of the situation.

This becomes the latest in a long series of so-called “fact checks” to protect Joe Biden.

From the Hunter Biden laptop story to the pandemic, Facebook has consistently used its fact checkers to shut down damaging news for Biden.

With the constant Biden blunders, Facebook is likely to stay busy “fact checking” for the regime.

Stay tuned to Unmuzzled News for any updates to this ongoing story.

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