Mark Zuckerberg has to pay a big one for doing this disturbing thing

Mark Zuckerberg has been under intense scrutiny for a myriad of reasons.

There have been calls from the establishment to heavily regulate Facebook.

And Zuckerberg has to pay a big one for doing this disturbing thing.

So-called Facebook whistleblower Frances Haugen and other leftists have been pushing for the government to regulate the company due to “misinformation.”

People on the Right are frustrated with Facebook for censoring voices, even those who make factually true statements.

But both the Left and the Right are angry at Facebook and other Big Tech firms over privacy concerns.

And Facebook boss Mark Zuckerberg won’t make any friends after settling a lawsuit over claims that his platform tracked users without their consent.

Timcast News reported that “Meta has come to a $37.5 million settlement agreement after being sued for Facebook tracking user’s locations without their permission. The lawsuit, Lundy et. al v. Meta Platforms Inc., was filed in 2018 by plaintiffs Brendan Lundy and Myriah Watkins, who accused Facebook of fraud, breach of contract, and privacy violations based on allegations that Facebook collects and uses Internet Protocol addresses (‘IP addresses’) to estimate the locations of users. According to the complaint, the company was tracking locations through people’s smartphone data to send them targeted advertising — even if the person had shut off Location Services on their mobile devices. The class action lawsuit against the Big Tech giant argued that this tracking was a violation of California privacy laws.”

Facebook, Google, and other Big Tech firms have come under fire for privacy issues.

In fact, Facebook has been accused of creating shadow profiles for people, meaning even those who never signed up for a Facebook account have a hidden profile.

The shadow profile is created through platform networking, i.e. if John Doe creates a Facebook account and lists his siblings that are not on Facebook, they would still have shadow accounts.

Timcast added that “earlier this year, another lawsuit over the company’s tracking practices was settled for $90 million. In that case, filed in 2012, the plaintiffs said that Facebook was tracking their online activity even when they were logged out. That lawsuit, known as the ‘Facebook Internet Tracking Litigation’ said that the platform was ‘improperly obtaining and collecting data’ through non-Facebook websites that used a Facebook ‘Like’ button.”

There’s no telling how much private data Facebook and other Big Tech corporations have.

The two companies likely know more about everyone than the NSA.

As more people migrate online, concerns over privacy will only escalate.

Stay tuned to Unmuzzled News for any updates to this ongoing story.

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