Mark Zuckerberg could be gearing up to stop a Trump 2024 run with this surprising move

Donald Trump is gearing up for a political comeback for the ages.

Big Tech is going to do everything possible to stop him.

And Mark Zuckerberg could be gearing up to stop Trump in 2024 with this surprising move.

Big Tech used the trumped-up events of January 6 to try to erase President Trump from the internet.

Of all the Big Tech platforms to ban President Trump, Facebook was the most likely to let him return.

Unlike Twitter, which gave him a lifetime ban, Facebook suspended him for two years.

He’s eligible to try to return to Facebook’s services in January 2023, conveniently after the midterm elections. 

At the time, Zuckerberg probably thought that President Trump would fade away after his contested loss in 2020.

With Joe Biden’s disastrous presidency, the possibility of a Trump comeback in 2024 is becoming more likely.

But a little-noticed internal move by Mark Zuckerberg could be bad news for President Trump getting back on the platform.

Facebook, which recently rebranded as Meta, promoted Nick Clegg to President of Global Affairs.

Clegg was a Deputy Prime Minister in the United Kingdom before he went to work for Facebook.

He was a member of the left-wing Liberal Democrat Party while he was in office.

Clegg is the textbook definition of a globalist having come from the upper crust elite of Britain. 

After failing at politics, he moved into his role at Facebook where he made decisions on things like content policies and handling of elections. 

In his new role, he’ll be one of the company’s top executives and will be the leader on policy decisions. 

Zuckerberg described his role saying, “Nick will now lead our company on all our policy matters, including how we interact with governments as they consider adopting new policies and regulations, as well as how we make the case publicly for our products and our work.”

Insiders allege the move allows Zuckerberg to focus more on building Meta, his new attempt to conquer virtual reality.

This is a disturbing move for any potential Trump comeback to Facebook.

Zuckerberg is passing the buck to Clegg which would allow him to be a key decision maker in Trump’s return.

Previously, he was alleged to have been behind the censoring the Hunter Biden laptop story on Facebook before the 2020 election.

Clegg’s position on Trump is well known.

In 2018, he participated in an anti-Trump protest when the President visited the United Kingdom.

He bashed Trump saying, “He dislikes everything I believe in and believes in everyone I dislike!”

President Trump’s fate on the platform could now fall into the hands of someone who ran cover for Joe Biden and openly hates him.

No matter what the future holds for President Trump, it seems he might not get a fair shot to return to Facebook. 

Still, it’s unlikely Truth will achieve the audience levels or organic reach he previously enjoyed, vis a vis supporters’ larger networks of friends, family and colleagues seeing their pro-Trump posts. 

Stay tuned to Unmuzzled News for any updates to this ongoing story.

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