Marjorie Taylor Greene has once again found herself banned from Twitter and this time the reason is even more shocking

Republican Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene is no stranger to censorship.

Mark Zuckerberg and Jack Dorsey continue to label anything she says on social media as “misleading” or “misinformation.”

And Marjorie Taylor Greene has once again found herself banned from Twitter, and this time the reason is even more shocking.

Twitter claims that Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene has violated the site’s policy against posting “misleading information” related to the COVID pandemic.

Of course, this supposed “misleading information” is Twitter’s definition of what is and what isn’t “misleading.”

Big Tech doesn’t give a darn what the American people think, and they have proven that time and time again.

According to a report in the New York Post , a Twitter spokesperson confirmed that Greene’s personal account would be placed in “read-only mode” for 12 hours – her followers can see her Tweets, but she cannot make any new posts.

This past March, Twitter released its “misinformation policy,” stating that the 12-hour suspension was for those users who had violated the policy on more than two or three occasions.

Anyone who violates it a fourth time is suspended for a week, and a fifth strike could lead to a permanent account ban.

This is the type of power Big Tech has over people.

People are no longer batting an eye when a social media platform bans someone for speaking out against the liberal ideology.

One of the most shocking parts of Greene’s recent suspension is Twitter is pointing to a Tweet the Congresswoman responded to from Dr. David Samadi about hospitalizations in the United Kingdom.

So, what Twitter is saying is that users aren’t even allowed to comment on a Tweet with information they deem “misleading.”

Dr. Samadi tweeted, “In the United Kingdom, 47% of new COVID-19 cases are vaccinated people.”

Greene responded to Samadi’s Tweet, saying, “This is why no entity should force NON-FDA approved vaccines or masks. Instead help people protect their health by defeating obesity, which will protect them from covid complications & death, and many other health problems. We should invest in health, not human experiments.”

And that right there is considered “misleading” by Twitter.

Seems the Congresswoman was merely agreeing with Dr. Samadi and pointing out that no one should be forced to get a vaccine they don’t want.

How is that misleading?

Greene’s second Tweet was a retweet of something Congressman Massie had previously posted.

This time Greene stated that the vaccine should not be forced on the United States military.

Again, where is the misleading statement?

This is nothing more than Big Tech forcing the Biden administration narrative on people so that they can meet the goal of getting everyone vaccinated whether they want it or not.

Congresswoman Greene is no shrinking violet, and this isn’t the last Twitter, and the social media giants have seen of her.

It’s high time Americans woke up and realized that this is just the beginning of the Left’s plan to totally squash any type of dissent.

Stay tuned to Unmuzzled News for any updates to this ongoing story.

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