Maria Bartiromo viewers were left stunned over an unbelievable update about Trump’s return to social media

President Donald Trump was banned from Twitter, Instagram and Facebook while he was still the sitting President of the United States. 

But Trump may be poised to reign on social media again.

Because Maria Bartiromo viewers were left stunned over an unbelievable update about Trump’s return to social media.

Big Tech executives could be fearing for their future following the latest Truth Social update.

Donald Trump got to work designing plans to launch his own social media platform when he was banned by all the nation’s major social media platforms. 

The latest updates from the effort called Truth Social could have Big Tech executives fearing for their futures. 

Big Media is forging a narrative to protect their far-Left friends in Big Tech. 

The narrative goes: “Donald Trump’s Truth Social is an unmitigated disaster.” 

And while the brand-new social media start up likely isn’t where the 45th President would like it to be, the corporate-controlled media aren’t being honest about how the platform is faring. 

Former U.S. Representative and CEO of Trump Media & Technology Group, Devin Nunes appeared on Fox Business Channel’s Mornings with Maria program to call out the lies about Truth Social. 

Nunes compared how Truth Social is stacking up against Twitter, despite still being in a Beta phase. 

“There’s not very much activity over at Twitter right now, especially when you compare it to sites like ours,” Nunes said. “We’re just in our beginning stages as we continue to test and bring people on day-by-day. Out interactions are already beating Twitter. 

Nunes says the goal of Truth Social is to give people their voice back and so far, it’s working. 

He points to Bartiromo as the perfect test case. 

“As of this morning you (Maria Bartiromo) have more followers on Truth Social than you do on Instagram,” Nunes stated. “I follow you on Instagram, you’re very active on Instagram, you put up great content there. So, how’s it possible that we’re barely beginning and you already have more followers on Truth than you do on Instagram?” 

Bartiromo was quick to agree that Nunes’ assessment about her following was correct. 

“You have like one million followers on Twitter, you have about 25% of that on Truth, but yet a post that you did yesterday, you have five, six, seven-times the engagement, with 25% of the followers. That’s the power of Truth. That’s what happens when you open up the internet and you stop censoring and don’t use algorithms…it explodes.” 

Again, the Fox Business host agreed with Nunes’ claims about the interaction with her Truth account compared to her Twitter account. 

Bartiromo asked Nunes how the rollout will look past the testing phase. 

“We had a preorder we had to get through first and we started a beta test with that,” Nunes explained. “We started to onload people as they signed up, and we had people on a waitlist. We would now like to get to the point where we clear all the people that have signed up on Apple. And then add the web application. And once we have the web application…then they next step will be trying to get everybody an app for Android.” 

According to Nunes, he expects to see this movement happen starting next month as they test their new servers to make sure they can handle a massive load of users at the same time. 

Nunes pointed out the methodical process will start with American users before opening up internationally. 

Truth Social is not simply a message board like Twitter, they have included image functionality and are working with Rumble for video hosting and are even going to be offering group functionality. 

Nunes said it will be like the best of Twitter, Instagram and Facebook all rolled into one, but without all the censorship and Cancel Culture. 

It is important to note, Trump’s Truth Social is not utilizing any help from any Big Tech companies – forgoing the Amazon web services other social media platforms have adopted. 

Yet, Truth Social launched in February, with nearly 900,000 people signing up in the first week alone and since then, the platform has added about 60,000 downloads per week, despite app downloads currently only being open to U.S. Apple users. 

With those numbers in the testing phase, if Nunes is right, Big Tech executives are likely fearing for their future.

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