Legal scholar went on Fox News and explained why Fani Willis is toast

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Fani Willis’ witch hunt against Donald Trump is in jeopardy.

Democrats had high hopes for the Georgia election case.

And one legal scholar went on Fox News and explained why Willis is toast.

Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis represented one of the Democrats’ best chances to take down Donald Trump.

However, Willis’ personal scandal has thrown the Georgia election RICO case into flux.

There’s the timing matter 

Willis hired Nathan Wade, with whom she was having an affair, as a prosecutor on the case despite a glaring lack of experience.

The two went on Royal Caribbean cruises together on the taxpayers’ dime, and now Willis has become the story instead of her case against Trump.

Legal expert Jonathan Turley, who served as one of Trump’s defense attorneys during his first impeachment, appeared on Fox News to break down the allegations against Willis.

Turley told Harris Faulkner, “The most serious aspect of these allegations is that they may have filed a false affidavit and false papers with the court. The key to their arguments before the court was that ‘our relationship began in 2022’…That brought out a former attorney who represented Nathan Wade and his former partner who said that is just not true and there are witnesses that can show their relationship preceded his hiring. That’s very serious. Keep in mind that Willis and Wade are prosecuting people in this case for making false statements to courts…”

Another key question

Faulkner asked, “Did they lie on the paperwork?”

Turley responded, “And also is there evidence that you could have the filtering of money that she could give money to Wade who gave it back to her? That I think is gonna be more difficult to show but their response to the scandal is as troubling as the scandal itself. They have put themselves ahead of their case and ahead of their office. They should step aside because they are undermining their office.”

Even the Left are prepared to throw Willis under the bus to preserve the case against Trump.

MSNBC host Rachel Maddow urged Willis to step aside.

Maddow argued, “Georgia State University law professor Clark Cunningham argued in The New York Times last month that the best thing Fani Willis could do to protect her case against Trump and his RICO defendants in Georgia would be for her to take a leave of absence. For her to take a personal leave of absence from the district attorney’s office, to turn the proceedings over to a deputy district attorney. That would end these proceedings against her, effectively, and it would leave her office in charge of the case, and the case could still go forward.”

The Democrats are hoping Willis simply goes away, but thus far, she seems to be fighting for her reputation.

Stay tuned to Unmuzzled News for any updates to this ongoing story.

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