Leaked Elon Musk messages have all hell breaking loose with a once highly-trusted ally

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Elon Musk dropped the gloves with the mainstream media, and that’s a big reason why he has been attacked so viciously by the Left.

But now some are questioning if all of it is really as it appears.

Because leaked Musk messages show all hell breaking loose with a once highly-trusted ally.

Elon Musk branded himself an enemy of the establishment when he purchased Twitter for $44 billion and took the company private.

One of his first acts as owner of Twitter was to unearth malfeasance at the hands of the company’s old regime.

For example, former Twitter executives were working with the federal government and other organizations to censor speech.

The disclosures were reported in a series of articles called the Twitter Files.

Musk sent a jaw-dropping message to independent journalist

The first dispatch, as well as several others, was written by independent journalist Matt Taibbi, who praised Musk for his transparency.

However, Musk and Taibbi have since had a falling out.

The argument seemed to have stemmed from the independent journalist platform Substack creating a Twitter alternative called Notes.

In response, Musk banned links to Substack unless they were paid advertisements.

Taibbi is one of the most high-profile journalists on Substack, so he took issue with Musk’s decision.

A private back-and-forth between the two escalated to the point where Musk messaged, “You’re dead to me.”

Taibbi made the discussion public after Musk shared a portion of it.

Taibbi wrote on Twitter, “Since [Elon Musk] published parts of these conversations, I might as well include others. I was under a ‘blanket search ban’ at one point and a lot of my 1.9 million followers still don’t see my content.”

The heart of the feud

In the exchange, Musk argued, “We went on lockdown after discovering that Substack had stolen a massive amount of our data to prepopulate their Twitter rip-off. Looks like there is still a blanket search ban. Should be fixed by tomorrow.”

Later, Taibbi wrote, “Elon, I’ve repeatedly declined to criticize you and have nothing to do with your beef with Substack. Is there a reason why I’m being put in the middle of things? This really seems crazy.”

Musk replied, “You are dead to me. Please get off Twitter and just stay on Substack.”

Taibbi later wrote on Twitter, “Supposed free speech champion Elon Musk has decided to suppress this account forever, instead of just talking to me. Elon Musk is uncomfortable around people who aren’t afraid of him, and wants to prove he can hurt my business instead of just talking to me, even if it means suppressing access to news he thinks is important.”

Musk is a mercurial figure, so it’s unclear how this beef will resolve itself.

Nevertheless, both Musk and Taibbi have been important in exposing establishment misconduct and corruption.

Stay tuned to Unmuzzled News for any updates to this ongoing story.

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