Kyle Rittenhouse and Nicholas Sandmann requested something from Elon Musk that has Democrats nervous

Democrats and their media allies love to demonize innocent kids.

Few know that more than Kyle Rittenhouse and Nicholas Sandmann.

But Rittenhouse and Sandmann have Democrats nervous over what they just requested from Elon Musk.

Perhaps no two Americans know the upheaval that Democrats and their media allies can do to someone’s life than Kyle Rittenhouse and Nicholas Sandmann.

They lied about Rittenhouse and called him a murderer who illegally crossed state lines with a rifle.

And Sandmann was notoriously and viciously smeared by CNN as harassing Native American protesters early in the Trump administration.

Rittenhouse and Sandmann want receipts from “The Twitter Files”

Now Rittenhouse and Sandmann have asked Elon Musk to give them receipts.

Elon Musk has proven to be a gigantic nuisance for the establishment Left.

Musk’s purchase of Twitter for $44 billion created a disruption with continuing ripple effects.

In addition to bringing free speech back to the platform, Musk has published the receipts on malfeasance that went on behind the scenes at the company.

Through leaks to independent journalist Matt Taibbi, Musk unleashed “The Twitter Files”, which detail a massive censorship apparatus almost exclusively deployed against the political Right.

Rittenhouse is hoping that Musk has information on the censorship decisions against him.

Rittenhouse wrote on Twitter, “Learning about the twitter files and [Elon Musk] releasing the truth is making me more and more curious to find out if there was hidden censoring regarding my story and case on twitter. I am hoping, one day soon, I will be able to find out and the truth will be shown to all of us.”

Considering Rittenhouse was booted from the platform and routinely trended as one of the biggest stories in the country, it stands to reason that the leftists atop the old Twitter regime put their thumbs on the scale.

And Rittenhouse isn’t alone.

Nicholas Sandmann, the face of the Covington Catholic High School kids that were incorrectly smeared after a run-in with a Native American man, is also pondering if Musk has a file on him.

One day prior to Rittenhouse’s query, Sandmann wrote, “As I’m watching this all play out, I’m wondering if [Elon Musk] has any hidden twitter files relating to what went on here. Let’s be clear: under the watch of [Vijaya Gadde] they allowed these illegal threats when I was 16 years old.”

Gadde, the former head of the notorious Trust and Safety team, has a lot of explaining to do regarding her decisions to censor voices, especially since it has been released that she was in constant communication with the federal government.

Sandmann won a settlement against CNN after the network smeared him as harassing Native American protester Nathan Phillips.

The actual footage showed that Phillips got into the face of Sandmann and the other high school kids, but because Sandmann was wearing a MAGA hat, he was instantly cast as the villain.

Both Rittenhouse and Sandmann would love to get their hands on their Twitter files.

Stay tuned to Unmuzzled News for any updates to this ongoing story.

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