Kristi Noem just exposed a CNN deception that has some putting her atop Trump’s shortlist for Vice President

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It appears CNN isn’t only actively rooting for Donald Trump’s White House bid to fail – they’re actively working to make the failure happen. 

Meanwhile, South Dakota’s Republican Governor Kristi Noem turned into a Trump attack dog. 

And now Noem just exposed a CNN deception that has some putting her atop Trump’s shortlist for Vice President. 

Biden is a border hawk all of a sudden? 

Then-President Barack Obama weakened border security and allowed record numbers of illegal aliens to enter the United States without repercussions. 

In his single term in the White House, then-President Donald Trump was able to slow the bleeding and fill many of the gaps. 

But then Joe Biden won the incredibly close and controversial 2020 Presidential Election – and the floodgates reopened. 

Biden ran on an open-border agenda and vowed to reverse all of the Trump-era immigration policies. 

So, it wasn’t a surprise when caravans of illegal aliens started bombarding the border. 

And true to his word, Biden has undone many of Trump’s border security policies.

And the White House is even going to war with Texas – preventing the Lone Star State from protecting its border. 

For years, the Biden Administration played the part of an ostrich with its head in the sand, denying there was any problem at the U.S. southern border. 

But Americans weren’t buying the gaslighting. 

Now President Biden and his team have a new tactic – make it look like they’re doing something while at the same time blaming Republicans for the crisis on the border. 

Big Media is helping the Biden campaign propagate the false narrative. 

But Republican Governor Kristi Noem of South Dakota just poured cold water all over the gaslighting attempt. 

Kristi Noem vs. CNN 

Governor Noem was recently a guest on CNN. 

The self-proclaimed “most trusted name in news” has been propping up Democrats’ supposed border security bill. 

The bill actually does nothing to secure the border. 

But it does spend lots of taxpayer money to process more illegal aliens and then spread them around the interior of the United States unaccounted for. 

But CNN’s Dana Bash wasn’t going to let the facts get in the way of the White House’s phony narrative. 

Bash asked Noem why Republicans won’t back the Democrat bill that would only serve to increase the number of illegal aliens flooding into America. 

Why doesn’t President Biden take action today,” Noem asked back. “Today can be day one.”

Noem even did the Biden Administration a favor and laid out how they could instantly stop the bleeding. 

“He can immediately announce that he’s reinstating the Stay in Mexico policy,” Noem added. “He can immediately announce that he’s going to refocus on building a wall. He can do those today. We have a president who has all the tools he needs to protect the country today and he refuses to do that.” 

Noem called the Biden bill a “poison pill” that codified illegal immigration into law. 

Could Noem join the Trump ticket? 

In the interview, Noem sided with Trump’s border policy as well as the former President’s stance against Biden’s fake “border security” bill. 

Now, many are insisting that Trump may take notice of how effectively Noem beat back the leftist lie CNN was peddling. 

In late 2022 and early 2023, Noem was considered one of the front-running candidates for the GOP nomination for President. 

However, South Dakota’s Governor declined to run against the man she supported for the White House in both 2016 and 2020. 

And now she’s considered by political pundits as among the leading candidates to land the spot as Trump’s number two on the ticket. 

Stay tuned to Unmuzzled News for any updates to this ongoing story.

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