Joe Rogan was speechless when Chris Rufo revealed the Left’s “woke” attack against him

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Chris Rufo has become an enemy of far-left radicals.

His work with Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has helped root out radical propaganda in the state.

And Joe Rogan was speechless when Rufo revealed the Left’s “woke” attack against him.

The Left flies into a fit of rage when they lose ground in the culture war.

They understand the significance of culture, which is why they pretend that Republicans are being petty by engaging in cultural conflicts.

But as Andrew Breitbart once opined, “Politics is downstream from culture.”

Culture warrior 

That is why the Left despises self-described conservative activist Chris Rufo.

His reporting blew the door off of the critical race theory scandal, among other “woke” concepts that have seeped into mainstream society.

Rufo recently appeared on Joe Rogan’s podcast for a broad conversation about the fight against “woke” indoctrination.

Rufo explained that he was literally under investigation for misgendering.

He told Rogan, “I’m a trustee at a public university in Florida, New College of Florida. Governor DeSantis appointed me and a number of other reformers to take over this university, replace all of the leadership, and then turn it into a classical liberal arts university. It’s in Sarasota. It’s a beautiful campus. The tuition is less than $7,000. And we want to turn it into a place where conservative families can send their kids and feel like they’re getting a good education. But when we did this, what we did is we came in, we replaced the leadership, we abolished the DEI department, we terminated the Gender Studies program. And then we said, you know, we’re not going to comply with these ridiculous pronoun rules. And so the old DEI director and then her allies at the ACLU and elsewhere actually filed a federal civil rights complaint against me. So I’m currently under investigation by federal civil rights bureaucrats for refusing to call this woman by ze/zir pronouns.”

Rogan burst into laughter.

Rufo reiterated, “Ze/zir. Not, you know—okay, trans. Okay, man, woman. Okay, whatever. Ze/zir.”

Rogan replied, “Either way, federal indictment. Imagine even just refusing to call this person he/he. People have always been rude. Are we gonna, like, legislate against rudeness? … If someone just decides to call me Mrs. Rogen, can I get them arrested and locked in a cage because they’re being rude to me because they’re calling me a girl?”

Thought police

Rufo answered, “If you are a member of a protected class, yes. That’s where it’s going. That’s where they’d like it to go. And look, I have to spin up lawyers. Thankfully, the university is handling it. But I mean, this is not trivial… Jordan Peterson, great, what he brought up illustrates this point. If they can get you to lie about something trivial, they can get you to lie about anything.”

The fight over pronouns is not trivial.

Rufo drove home the point that what the Left is doing is truly Orwellian.

They want people to believe that 2 plus 2 equals whatever the authoritarian rulers say it does.

Stay tuned to Unmuzzled News for any updates to this ongoing story.

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