Joe Biden was furious when a leading Republican proposed this surprising Big Tech solution

Big Tech has the back of Joe Biden and Democrats.

One Republican wants to upend this cozy relationship.

Now, Joe Biden is furious after a leading Republican proposed this surprising Big Tech solution.

Big Tech is an arm of the Democrat Party with its ridiculous censorship and bias against conservatives.

This was perfectly illustrated during the 2020 election when Big Tech worked overtime to shut down the Hunter Biden laptop story to keep it from hurting Joe.

Google has been one of the worst offenders in Big Tech with its constant efforts to prop up Democrats.

Their search engine has near monopoly on the market with over 92% of worldwide searches.

This gives Google with their shadowy algorithm that controls searches the ability to dictate what information Americans can see.

Arizona Republican US Senate candidate Blake Masters has a unique plan to reign in Google’s control over the flow of information.

Masters comes from the world of Big Tech where he worked for the venture capital firm of Republican mega-donor Peter Thiel.

Thiel, one of the few conservatives in Silicon Valley, co-founded PayPal and was the first outside investor in Facebook.

In an interview with Breitbart News, Masters outlined his approach for dealing with Google using his Big Tech background.

Masters explained that Google is currently the greatest threat to election integrity.

“I think we let Google swing the 2020 presidential election, I’ll say that,” said Masters.

“Most people in the U.S. Senate don’t understand how technology works like I do, they don’t care, they don’t know how bad these companies are — well I do,” Masters explained. “So I’m going to use that background that I have to go in and find a way to meaningfully restrain these companies and make them behave.”

Masters offered his solution to Big Tech censorship saying that social media platforms needed to be regulated as common carriers who can’t discriminate on the basis of political views.

“The harder problem will be to restrain Google … if they just subtly tweak their search engine algorithms… They have a complete monopoly on the U.S. search engine market,” Masters remarked.

“If they’re subtle enough, they could boost Biden content, suppress Trump content in the weeks preceding the 2020 election, and boom that’s a rigged election,” he explained. “You know, I can’t prove that they did that, but come on — they’re clever people, they’ve got the motive, they’ve got the opportunity, so we’ve got to find a way to convene an investigative team to go in there.”

“We’re going to forcefully embed a team of software engineers — I’ll personally oversee them in the senate — and we’re going to make sure Google isn’t rigging the election weeks before anybody votes,” he continued.

Master’s solution could reign in Google but it opens up a slippery slope for conservatives having government force embed employees into a company.

Volunteer online election observers could be a reasonable middle ground for many conservatives.

Google’s near monopoly over the search market makes taming this liberal behemoth a challenge requiring a creative solution. 

Stay tuned to Unmuzzled News for any updates to this ongoing story.

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