Joe Biden is red with embarrassment as outrage grows over this stunning report

The White House, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

The FBI and Department of Justice looks more and more like a high-tech version of the KGB by the day.

Americans are rightfully terrified that every move they make and every word they say is being watched by the FBI.

But Joe Biden is red with embarrassment as outrage grows over this stunning report.

Christopher Wray, Merrick Garland, and the FBI have a lot of explaining to do

The purpose of the FBI and other federal law enforcement agencies is supposed to be tackling crimes said to be too large for local and state law enforcement agencies to handle.

Drug trafficking, human smuggling, and terrorism are the types of crimes that the FBI is supposed to investigate.

Instead, it appears as if the FBI is more interested in spying on American citizens without the use of warrants.

In a trove of documents uncovered by the Washington Post of all sources, it was revealed that the FBI and Department of Defense were directly involved in developing facial recognition software.

Such technology is already in use in many freedom starved nations like China so that the central government can keep an eye on the every movement of every citizen.

Admittedly, there are no federal laws that ban the usage of facial recognition software on civilians, however it is widely accepted that this is a gross invasion of privacy.

Bipartisan outrage has fomented following these findings, and many lawmakers are calling for immediate action.

One lawmaker is Democrat Senator Ed Markey of Massachusetts, who told Digital Future Daily that “We cannot allow the federal government to weave a web of surveillance that invades Americans’ privacy with facial recognition and biometric technology, treating every one of us like suspects in an unbridled investigation.”

Markey and other Senators are planning to introduce legislation which is designed to prevent such massive surveillance from going unnoticed in the future.

These findings regarding the development of facial recognition come just days before it was revealed that the FBI has used cell phone location data from American citizens in the past.

The FBI has become way too powerful and is overstepping its boundaries

These reports show that the FBI and other federal law enforcement agencies are focusing massive amounts of resources towards spying on American citizens.

Not only is such surveillance illegal without a proper warrant, but it also erodes public trust in the FBI which is already on thin ice.

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