Joe Biden is in hot water after he put the country in danger with this woke scheme

Joe Biden’s trying to fundamentally transform the country.

He’s trying to inject wokeness into every aspect of life.

Now Biden is in hot water after he put the country in danger with this woke scheme.

Joe Biden was sold by his handlers and the corporate-controlled media as a moderate who would unite the country.

On day one in office, he began using “diversity and inclusion” to transform the government with his woke agenda.

In every branch of government, ideas like Critical Race Theory (CRT) and radical gender ideology are the order of the day — even in the military.

The military has gone all in on this madness celebrating Pride Month, forcing soldiers to watch videos on proper pronoun usage and pandering to the trans mob. 

Instead of focusing on preparing to defend the country, the military has turned into a dangerous left-wing social engineering experiment.  

They’ve moved away from the traditional appeal of patriotism to recruit new soldiers to paying big advertising firms to target potential recruits with LGBTQ propaganda.

Last year the Army used a super-woke animated recruiting video featuring a child with two mothers growing up to defend freedom by marching in pride parades before enlisting in the Army to “shatter stereotypes.”

Now the dangerous consequences of Biden’s woke takeover of the military are being felt.

The Army is significantly cutting the estimated number of soldiers it hoped to have over the next two years.

General Joseph Martin, vice chief of staff for the Army, said they’re projecting 466,400 total soldiers this year down from their expected number of 476,000.

The situation could be even worse in the coming years with the Army projected to be down to between 445,000 and 452,000 soldiers in 2023.

The reason for the rapidly shrinking number of soldiers is the Army missing its recruiting goals.

So far for the fiscal year ending in September they’ve hit just half of their recruiting goal of 60,000 new soldiers.

Army Secretary Christine Wormuth told Congress these recruiting misses could hurt military readiness in the future.

“But if we don’t arrest the decline that we’re seeing right now in end strength, that could be a possibility in the future,” Wormuth said.

Instead of preparing to deal with the growing threat from China, the military’s leadership is trying to figure out the definition of a woman and conducting witch hunts for so-called “extremists” the Biden administration believes are within the ranks.

While the Army used excuses like the economy for missing their recruiting targets the problem is plain as day.

Using woke propaganda to target recruits might work on far-Left college campuses but this radical ideology is turning off the people who actually serve.

Combined with purging healthy soldiers for not taking the vaccine, the military brass have alienated the usual patriotic young Americans who answer the call of duty.

Joe Biden and the Left are sending the country down a dark path putting their radical ideology ahead of national security. 

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