Joe Biden is grinning ear to ear as this radical left-wing terror plot unfolds

Photo by The White House, CC BY 3.0 US, via Wikimedia

With Election Day looming, the radical Left has resorted to desperate tactics to ensure their preferred candidates win this November. 

Intimidation, censorship, and even violence are all acceptable to the Left, which often puts politics above all else. 

Now Joe Biden is grinning ear to ear as this radical left-wing terror plot unfolds. 

This radical effort demonstrates just how far the Left is willing to go 

It almost goes without saying that there is nobody that the “woke” mob despises more than Donald Trump. 

And with Donald Trump leading in many head-to-head polls against President Joe Biden, the radical Left is resorting to desperate tactics to prevent another Trump Presidency. 

The extreme tactics of the radical Left were put on full display last Saturday when far-left extremists gathered in front of the Heritage Foundation’s headquarters, where they made repulsive threats and calls to action. 

Some of the groups behind these rallies are the Center for Popular Democracy, Human Rights Campaign, CPD Action, Vocal New York, and Rise and Resist.

The Heritage Foundation’s 2025 Project, which aims to find highly qualified individuals to potentially serve in the Trump Administration, was the focal point of these rallies. 

At one point during the rally, somebody shouted, “We need to go find out where they live, where they go to church, who they hang around with, and bird dog they asses,” which was met with applause and cheers. 

One of the organizers later took to Instagram, posting, “Our message: No Day One Dictator! Stop Project 2025! The Heritage Foundation is Hazardous! In one year, the GOP plans to install a Day One Dictator and dismantle our democracy. Help launch a year-long campaign of action against Project 2025.”

Meanwhile, another posted, “Our goal is to increase the attention mainstream media pays to Project 2025’s goal of dismantling our US system of government, reinforcing white supremacy, erasing the LGBTQ community, women’s rights, labor, immigration, and other rights, and urge Americans to sound the alarm and vote against this dangerous GOP platform in November.”

Although these calls to action may seem shocking, these are battle-tested tactics used by the radical Left. 

For example, following the landmark Dobbs decision, radical leftists illegally protested outside of the homes of Supreme Court Justices. 

In some instances, protestors were seen following the children of Supreme Court Justices, allegedly making vial threats designed to intimidate their parents.

There is no limit to how far the radical Left will go to get their way 

In recent years, the radical Left has demonstrated that they will do anything to get their way, even if it means using intimidation and violence. 

Whether it is threatening bird-dogging, or actually following up on these threats like they did after the Dobbs decision, these actions have become an integral parent of their playbook. 

With Election Day looming, many experts believe that these threats and actions will become more severe and frequent. 

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