Joe Biden is asleep at the wheel as this bombshell report is released

The White House, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

Confusion and panic ensued after a number of Chinese balloons were spotted flying above the continental United States.

Many Americans were concerned that Communist China is spying on them, and stopping this spying has become a top priority for many lawmakers.

But, Joe Biden is asleep at the wheel as this bombshell report is released.

China’s supply chain is much more complicated than most Americans realize

Communist China’s ultimate goal is to become the world’s top superpower so that it can dominate world trade.

Establishing extensive supply chains to fuel their rapid technological advancement is a central part of their plan.

Northern California-based AXT Inc. is one major company that allegedly has very close ties to this extensive supply chain.

Per NBC News, AXT Inc. “owns an 85% stake in a Chinese subsidiary that produces materials for semiconductors” and “one of its biggest customers, a giant state-owned defense firm linked to Beijing’s surveillance balloon program.”

If true, this means that this American company could have supplied crucial components used in the infamous Chinese spy balloons.

However, many experts note that it can be very difficult to directly track where each component goes once they are sold to China.

Tracking the destination of these parts is the job of the Bureau of Industry and Security.

But according to Emily Benson, a senior fellow at the Center for Strategic and International Studies, “It’s up to a very skeletal staff at the Bureau of Industry and Security to basically track down wrongdoing in the supply chain to look for violations.”

The good news is, Congress is aware of this problem, and legislation is being pursued to address this.

Senator Mark Warner of Virginia and Marco Rubio of Florida penned their concerns to Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen by saying “U.S. technology, talent, and capital continue to contribute — through both lawful and unlawful means, including theft — to the PRC’s development of critical military-use industries, technologies, and related supply chains.”

It is unclear if Joe Biden will take any executive actions to address these concerns.

Stopping China’s advances must be a top priority for lawmakers

These allegations that American companies are supplying the Chinese Spy Balloon program once again prove the incompetence of Joe Biden and his administration.

Joe Biden is once again sleeping at the wheel, and as a result, America is facing significant threats from Communist China.

Every component that is created in the United States and sold to foreign buyers must be traced to avoid situations like this one.

It seems as if Joe Biden is more interested in driving his Corvette and playing political games instead of making America safe.

Stay tuned to Unmuzzled News for any updates to this ongoing story.

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